Karachi is the most Populated City of the country, yet has been ignored for decades. The City is on the Verge of Downfall courtesy of the Sitting Government and Authorities. Recently, during Monsoon Drive, Karachi unexpectedly Turned itself into Venice City with every Street is full of Rain-Water. Although Karachi produces the maximum revenue in Pakistan but still Dumping, Garbage, Seweareg issues are not resolved. Hence, the Piles and Mountains of Garbage are still lying on the Streets. Ali Zaidi’s Clean Karachi Campaign is Taking over the Internet by Storm and Celebrities are Joining Hands with PTI government to Clean Karachi.

The City of Lights Produces 12,000 Tons of Garbage Per Day. Although, the job of collecting garbage across the city and taking it to a landfill belongs to the Sindh Solid Waste Management Board. But, Ali Zaidi Launched Clean Karachi Drive and Everyone is Involving.

The campaign of Clean Karachi, led by Ali Zaidi, Started-off their work on Sunday. The Campaign will remain active for Two weeks. However, The campaign is strongly BACKED by the Federal Government. The budget of Rs42.2 billion that had been allocated to Karachi shall be used in this drive.


All 13 Major Nullahs of the City are Chocked with the Garbage. The First target is to de-silt all Storm Water from Drains before Eid-ul-Azha. In the second Phase, the Garbage will be lifted from all areas of the City.

Ali Zaidi Clean Karachi Campaign is Taking over the Internet by Storm
Garbage Piles in Karachi

As per the Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs, Syed Ali Haider, Over 5,000 Volunteers have Registered themselves for the #CleanKHI Drive. The PTI Workers are also Placing Billboards at different Spots with the Slogans of ‘Let’s Clean Karachi’.

You definitely Need Heavy Machinery to take-out that Much Garbage from the Nullahs and Different Spots. So, the Pakistan Army Voluntarily Steps-In to Serve this Greater Cause. Zaidi also thanked the Pakistan Army for deploying Frontier Works Organisation (FWO) forces on this campaign. FWO will provide the Bobcats, Dumpers, and Excavators.

He said that the FWO officials had sat together with the local bodies officials to see where the trash needed to be removed first and what points it would station its heavy machinery.

Ali Zaidi’s Clean Karachi Campaign is Taking over the Internet by Storm

This Drive is receiving Massive Support from Trade, Industry and ShowBiz industry. However, there are many Private Companies and NGO’s who voluntarily pledged their support.

Wasim Akram- Famous Cricketing Legend and other Pakistani Cricketers also Steps-in for the Support!

Usha Shah- Reknown Pakistani Film Actress

So, Ali Zafar also offered his Massive Support for this Initiative!

HBL and K-Electric also offering Help for the Clean Karachi Drive!

Salman Iqbal of ARY Group of Companies!

Wajahat Syed Khan- Famous TV Anchor and Journalist

Mansha Pasha-  Famous Actress and Model

People from Different Cities are Coming for this Great Cause!

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