Amir Liaquat is Fired From PTV Ramazan transmission? Inside Story

 Amir Liaquat is Fired From PTV Ramazan transmission? Inside Story
Amir Liaquat Hussain does this name need any introduction? Of course not, as this name hits the headlines after every now and then. Basically, he is a host yet there are often lots of Dramas that are associated with his hosting. The interesting part is despite all the dramas he successfully manages to remain in the entertainment news. Rumors circulating on social media that Amir Liaquat is Fired From PTV Ramazan transmission? Inside Story differs the news.
Amir Liaqut in PTV Ramadan Transmission
Amir Liaquat in PTV Ramadan Transmission

Nowadays it has been rumored whether Amir Liaquat has been dismissed from the PTV Ramazan transmission or not? What is inside that sack that’s what we are going to suss out here.

Amir Liaquat, a maestro of controversies, has again come up with something suspicious to discuss widely. It is his own tweet that is bringing a storm in a tea-cup. In his tweet, he indicates and predicts as something awful is going to happen. His fishy words have started breeding various speculations and assumptions and this circulating rumor is that he has been flunked out from PTV Ramzan transmission. After seeing the bombardment of gossips Amir Liaquat handled this rumor by saying

He tweeted:

The viewers of PTV News, WorldPTV, PTVSports, and PTV Global will Inshallah be able to see me in the Iftar Transmission. I was unable to host the Sehri transmission due to bad health, I apologize to all my viewers.

Well, he knows better what he is up to this time? But one thing is sure and that is he keeps all of us busy and absorbed in his weirdo, interesting, amusing and annoying controversies. Do you never know what he is going to cook up next for us? finger-crossed as Ramazan transmission will be continued and we will be able to watch him in After transmission which means we are not yet deprived of his shock tactics to entertain us.


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