Another Indian MiG-21 Crashed and Pakistanis are Making Fun of it


India’s Continuous threats of Waging War on Pakistan are exposed by Imbecile Incompetency of India Air Force. Ever Since Abhinandan’s infamous Trip to Pakistan’s Territory, Indian Air Force can’t seem to control what’s Happening with their Jets. They’re Losing a number of their Jets in Crashes lately. Another Indian MiG-21 Crashed and Pakistanis are Making Fun of it.

Crashes Involving ‘Fighter Jets’ are Certainly Common in India, which is the reason why they’re upgrading their Soviet-Era Military Hardware.

Last July, an Indian Pilot Died because of Crash of MiG-21. Abhinandan’s ‘Fantastic Tea’ Story Hit Headlines throughout the Globe.

India's another MiG-21 Crashes in Madhya Pradesh and Pakistanis Making Fun of it

Another Indian MiG-21 Crashed and Pakistanis are Making Fun of it

The Plane was a Trainer Aircraft and Pilots were a Group Captain and a Squadron Leader. It was on a Routine Training Mission from the Gwalior Airbase when it Crashed at around 10 am Indian time. A court of inquiry will ascertain the cause of the accident.

Indian News Outlets reported that both Pilots safely Ejected before the Crash.

According to India’s Minister of State for Defence Shrupad Naik the Indian Air Force has lost a total of 27 aircraft, including 15 fighter jets and helicopters, in crashes since 2016. This number includes the downed MiG-21 of Abhinandan Varthaman during India’s adventures in trying to “surprise” Pakistan on February 27.

However, the Indian Nation is demanding Modi’s Government to discard the Vintage MiG-21 from IAF Fleet. It’s a matter of High-Shame for the So-Called Dominant State to get Insulted that badly.

Pakistanis are Back with Humorous Trolls

Apart from the Escalation on Border, both the Countries never leave an Opportunity to Criticize and Produce Laughable Memes against Each other. But, Pakistan Certainly Leads with more Humor.

People here in Pakistan Finds the Crash Funny and Calling out India’s Incompetency.

However, Abhinandan Jokes would be there for Sure.

Indian Pilots and Ejection is More CUTER than TWILIGHT.

India is Investing Billions of Dollars in Modernising its Air Force. Recently, the Modi Government has Signed a Contract to Purchase 36 Dassault Rafale Fighters from France for $8.8 Billion. However, Modi should Focus on the Competency of its Army Instead of Spending Money on Useless Persons.

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