Mall culture is the new trend in Lahore, that is fascinating and enthusing for all walks of life. They seem little diverted from recreational parks to commercial zones. Best Shopping Malls to Visit While You’re in Lahore where you can do shopping, official meetings, casual gossip, and kid fun area everything under one roof.

Actually, a shopping mall has become a blend of delicious food courts and eateries, cine’ star cinemas, and many more enchanting amenities. If you are new to Lahore, do not leave without visiting the mesmerizing glimpses of the stated down malls of Lahore.

Emporium Mall

Emporium mall is the place of class, charm, and indulgence. The astonishing and distinguishing feature of this giant looking eleven-floor luxurious compound is its dazzling five-star NISHAT HALL. The hall is beyond one’s expectations, no doubt too gorgeous to digest. Universal Cinema and the fun factory is too much fun there. It is the pride of johar town. The huge shopping venue with a plethora of entertainment is satiating for Lahoris.
Best Shopping Malls to Visit While You're in Lahore
Emporium Mall -Lahore


Packages mall

Packages Mall is the glorious addition in the malls of Lahore. It is a true competitor of emporium mall according to the visitors. It is elegant and famous for its top-notch customer facilities. Its delicious food zones, kid fun area, multiplex cinema, local and international outlets make it a place worthy to visit.
Best Shopping Malls to Visit While You're in Lahore
Packages Mall- Lahore

Mall of Lahore

It is the exquisiteness of the Mall road. Mall of Lahore is a Project of Malik Riaz’s Bahria Town. It is housed of men, women and kids attire of all tastes. Local and international brands are present in the commercial zone. People love to visit and buy domiciliary items from underground grocery. Mall of Lahore truly represents the warm cordiality of Lahore.

Fortress Square Mall

Fortress Square Shopping Mall is a place of gigantic and fantastic fun, located adjacent to Fortress Stadium. It cordially meets the expectations of shopping freaks. It serves its visitors with mouth-licking food zones and has fun for all ages. it would be a A GREAT MISS to leave the electrifying city without visiting the mall.



Vogue towers is sophistically located on the well-known and dazzling MM Alam Road. It is purely known for brands, quality, and class. The most appealing and distinguishing feature of vogue towers is its top-roof super cinema that is striking for youth particularly. Lahoris love to visit the mall with families to rejoice their family venture at terrace food courts.

Best Shopping Malls to Visit While You're in Lahore

Amanah Mall

Amanah shopping mall is present on an enchanting place of Model Town. It houses of everything that could be enticing for you. From delicious food of desi to Chinese, and branded apparels are ready to make you cherish. The most striking and distinguishing feature that stands it out from other malls is a gym, spa and swimming pool. It surely would be your choice to visit.


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