Bottle Cap Challenge is Taking over the Internet by a Storm- Celebrities are Involving

This is the Latest Viral Challenge that Everyone is Trying to SHowcase their Skillful ABilities.

Bottle Cap Challenge is Taking over the Internet by a Storm- Celebrities are Involving
Celebrities doing Bottle Cap Challenge

The Social media trends have always baffled the world, starting from Ice-Bucket Challenge to this Latest Bottle Cap Challenge. The aim is to kick the lid clean off the top of the bottle using ‘Roundhouse’. Roundhouse is a martial arts technique of circular kicks. Bottle Cap Challenge is Taking over the Internet by a Storm- Celebrities are Involving to showcase their fitness and balancing abilities.

It might look easy but it requires an enormous amount of balance and fitness. You need a bottle with a lid loosely placed on top. You will require someone to hold the bottle and record the slow-motion video. Any bottles work but definitely go for a plastic one — it’s much safer if you fail.

It all started back on 25 June when Taekwondo fighter and instructor Farabi Davletchin posted his amazing kick trick. Since then, everyone’s like Jason Statham, Ryan Reynolds, Akshay Kumar, Conor McGregor have joined the party.

Bottle Cap Challenge is Taking over the Internet

Jason Statham

Action Star Jason Statham then got involved, posting a slow-mo video of him taking the challenge. The video hits more than 15 Millions views on Instagram. Right now, More than 26,000 Instagram posts have the hashtag #bottlecapchallenge.

Akshay Kumar:

Bollywood Star Akshay Kumar couldn’t resist to give it a try after his Action Idol Statham posted his video of Bottle Cap Challenge.


Ryan Reynolds:

We can expect the most Hilarious Attempt for this Challenge from none other than Ryan Reynolds. So, Ryan actually promoted his Gin Brand and Bottle is transported to him. Instead of unscrewing the Bottle he smashed it and then ran away.

Yes, HE FAILED in Bottle Cap Challenge.


Donnie Yen:

Then we Have True Master of the Craft Donnie Yen. IP Man Star performed the Challenge Blindfolded. THAT’S IT, HANDS DOWN.

The American Singer John Mayer also Joined this Venture and Posted his Roundhouse.

MMA fighter Conor McGregor took the challenge to the next level athleticism.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic:

There can never be any challenge which Zlatan can’t compete. He opted the challenge and completed it successfully. Zlatan further challenged Pogba to give it a go.

Mehwish Hayat:

The Tamgha-E-Imtiaz winner Mehwish Hayat has successfully carried out the Bottle Cap challenge immaculately. There’s no doubt that Damsel Mehwish is full of Sheer Talent.


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