The lady officers in Pakistan Armed Forces disrupted the taboo of SINFAY-NAZUK and have proved that they are the IRON LADIES of Pakistan. They have devoted their lives to keep the country safe while working with their male counterparts. The Lady Officers have broken the stereotype ideology and proved that they can also serve the nation. Brave Lady Officers of Pakistan Army are the Symbol of Valor and Pride and they are only 2% women, who have chosen the life of valor and medals.

The professional achievements of these WONDER LADIES are so phenomenal that it is almost impossible to apprehend them in a short inscription.

Brave Lady Officers of Pakistan Army are the Symbol of Valor and Pride

Brigadier Nigar Johar, Deputy Commandant, CMH Rawalpindi

Brigadier Nigar Johar, Deputy Commandant is an Aeronautical Engineer and an inspirational spearhead.

A two-star Major General lady officer sprout from Swabi district. She is the first lady in Pakistan history who has privileged to be the commandant of the hospital of Armed Forces. However, She has historically demonstrated that a profession and designation is not gendered bent. So, It is the motivation and persistence that decide who will be ranked superior. According to the brave lady’s manifesto, Pakistani women are the best example of three-dimensional stout, physically, mentally and emotionally. Hence, She was proudly promoted to the rank of Major General on February 9, 2017.

Brave Lady Officers of Pakistan Army are the Symbol of Valor and Pride
Brig. Nigar Johar

Major General Shahida Malik

Major General Shahida Malik, HI (M), SI (M), SJ, truly represents the traits of determination and professionalism. She is a retired two-star general officer and a prior Surgeon General of Pakistan Army Medical Corps. Shahida Malik has honored to be the women general officer in Pakistan and in the Muslim world too.  She is the beneficiary of the highest military decoration. Although, in 2004 she got an honorary departure from her stellar career.

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She was an extraordinary student in her academics and never scored grade B EVER. Shahida achieved many distinctions, but the most memorable achievement was her GOLD MEDAL in Surgery. She had been a philanthropist throughout her academics and career. BURKI GOLD MEDAL was rewarded to her on the astounding triumph that had empowered her to get promoted to the rank of her dreams.

Brave Lady Officers of Pakistan Army are the Symbol of Valor and Pride

Major General Shahida Badshah

Major General Shahida Badshah is a lady of astonishing individualities. She is truly a lady of perfect persona and feels proud to be the Pakistani. Because Pakistan is the only Islamic state on the face of the world, that empowers its SINFAY-NAZOOK to be the MAJOR GENERAL of Armed Forces.

She retired from her service in 2013. But her professional achievements are stepping stones for newbies. She is an inspiration for women who are eager to join the Pakistan Armed Forces. She is ranked as the second female General Pakistan Army, after Shahida Malik. Major General Shahida Badshah is the first female commandant of Army Medical College.

Brave Lady Officers of Pakistan Army are the Symbol of Valor and Pride
Maj. Gen. Shahida Badshah

Brigadier Dr. Shehla Baqai

Brigadier Dr. Shehla Baqai is the fourth lady in the history of Pakistan Army who has successfully reached to the prestigious rank of Major General. She is a gynecologist by profession and the department head of gynecology of Army medical college Rawalpindi. She is also a senior professor at Military hospital Rawalpindi. Her devoutness for her country and profession is stirring for the female youth of Pakistan.

Brave Lady Officers of Pakistan Army are the Symbol of Valor and Pride
Brig. Dr. Shehla Baqai

Major Wajiha Arshad, Grade 2 ISPR

Major Wajiha Arshad, Grade 2 ISPR Officer is a lady of steel nerves. Unlike her friends and cousins, she didn’t go for a stereotype profession for women. She preferred to choose the life of a combatant and a warrior than to plunge herself in making CHAPATIS, and learned to load a different type of shooting weapons.

Marium Mukhtiar

Marium Mukhtiar was the first brave Pakistani fighter pilot, who martyred in an aircraft crash in 2015. She was a mere 23 years old when her aircraft accidentally crashed in the line of duty. She is the first female combat pilot of Pakistan to die in a crash on duty. However, She awarded a military award of TAMGHA-E-BASALAT. A short movie “EK THI MARIUM” is being telecasted in her honor.



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