If you’re looking for ferocious gags during Press-Conferences then the recent press conference from KPK minister was the best example. As during the Live Stream, a volunteer accidentally activated the cat filter on Facebook Live. Cat Filtered KPK Minister Featured on Stephen Colbert Show- This is Hilarious as The Late Show with Stephen Colbert covered this news.

The cringy filter changed the appearance of the minister with digital cat ears, whiskers, and rosy cheeks. That was the Imbecile Goofy Act from PTI.

Pakistan is in the international news for all the WRONG Reasons. This Tragic incident was resurrected during the Famous Show of Spehen Colbert’s meanwhile segment.

Cat Filtered KPK Minister Featured on Stephen Colbert Show

Stephen Colbert Said: ” This member of Pakistani Govt. accidentally Live-Streamed his press briefing with the cat filter on. I’m calling for a national Ban on DOGS”. As he tried to portray the minister as a vocal representation of CATS community. He also suggested democratic debates to use the filters in order to get the viewerships.

Let’s congratulate the KPK minister for making into the International Show. Well, with just a mere Cat Filter. How about a ‘Show-Cat’ instead of Shaukat.


People of Pakistan need a single reason to create meme and story on it. They’ve Had it

Here we have Marvi Sarmad, who needs every possible reason to criticize the PTI.

Even Senior Journalists are enjoying this segment of Stephen Colbert.

However, Asma Sherazi couldn’t resist expressing her feelings on it.

Becoming an international Joke? Sort of.

The viewers tried to alert the office regarding the gaffe in comments. but the stream continued for several minutes with the filter on. As a result, The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, which hosted the stream, deleted the video shortly after the conference wrapped. PTI clarified the misshape with a notification.

Sania Mirza and Veena Malikโ€™s Cat Fight on Twitter got Ugly




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