Sarfraz Ahmad has already made Pakistan proud, despite his continuous poor performances on the field.  He represented Traditional Dress of Pakistan while meeting Queen Elizabeth. Now, Many Celebrities & Indian Fans Supporting Sarfraz for Wearing Shalwar Kameez, after he has been under burdened with hefty criticism.
Other captains were wearing the western attire for the meeting, meanwhile, Sarfraz preferred to wear Shalwar Kameez with Green Blazer on top.
Sarfraz And other Captains met Queen Elizabeth. Celebrities & Indian Fans Supporting Sarfraz for Wearing Shalwar Kameez
Captains of All Teams with Queen Elizabeth

Sarfraz Ahmad is in the hot water for a pretty much long time now. This Shalwar Kameez Saga is the Cherry on top.  He received much love from the genuine and true fans of the game. But, there were many maniacs who were unnecessarily triggered.

In a Pre-Match interview, Sarfraz answered all the haters in the coolest and loving way.
“I was proud that I was wearing our national dress, while all other captains were dressed in suits” Sarfraz Said.

Many Pakistani Celebrities came out for the support of Sarfraz Ahmad. They also praised him for his tremendous look.

Celebrities & Indian Fans Supporting Sarfraz for Wearing Shalwar Kameez

Raees’s Superstar Mahira Khan wished him all the best and commend him on his dress.

Hamza Ali Abbasi proudly said that,, world cup jeeto ya haaro but Dil Jeet Lye han.

Indian Actress and Model Gauhar Khan relentlessly came out in support of Sarfraz.
She Said “He is representing his culture, n looking v handsome in that! Every human being has the right to wear what he does,  with dignity n pride! But I guess u wouldn’t know anything about belonging or representing, as u have identity crisis urself!”

Surprisingly, Sarfraz received massive support from the neighbor country.

Humanity and sanity are still alive in both nations.

Mutual respect between the two neighbor countries is the need of the hour.

One of the guys Quoted the dress sense of their founder Mahatma Gandhi in defense of Sarfraz.


Sarfraz Ahmad Praised for Wearing Traditional Shalwar Kameez While Meeting Queen Elizbeth


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