Deceitful Allegation of Harassment forces MAO College Lecturer to Commit Suicide

 Deceitful Allegation of Harassment forces MAO College Lecturer to Commit Suicide

The Purpose of Igniting #MeToo Movement was to Expose the Sexual Abusers, knowing the fact that You’ve got the Back of People. But, Some People Especially Women are Misusing it for their Personal Interests to Destroy Someone’s Reputation with a Blink of an EYE. So, Fake Allegations is a Punishable Crime. Deceitful Allegation of Harassment forces MAO College Lecturer to Commit Suicide.

Muhammad Afzal Mehmood was a Lecturer of English Literature at MAO College, Lahore. So, He was Fronting Charges of Harassment Imposed by a Student of BS (Bachelor of Science) Mass Communication since June. In which he was entitled to be involved in Immoral Activities with a student.

Deceitful Allegation of Harassment forces MAO College Lecturer to Commit Suicide

The Unfortunate Incident took place on the 9th of October when the Lecturer Subsequently killed himself. There was a Harassment Committee assigned to Probe into the Matter. According to the Reports, Afzal was suffering from Extreme Stress and Wanted College Administration to Clear his Name.

The plot of Immoral Delinquency is Levied on College Administration when they did not issue a letter of Exoneration. The College Authorities claimed the Lecturer was Cleared of the charge ‘Verbally’. But Unfortunately, Afzal left his Case on the Hands of Allah and Committed Suicide by Consuming Toxic Elements.

Probing out the Felony by College Authorities

The Deceased Lecturer Nullified the Depraved Claim, after Digging out the matter Harassment Prerogative Proved Groundless and Speculative. The Hassled “Victim” was kept on intreating for the “Letter of Exoneration” from the college to Reinstate his Scratched Standing at College, Society and at his home too.

The Heart-Rending view of his Letters written to College Authorities

The letters are truly Self-Explanatory in their context and connotation. The suicide-note is a big question mark on the hearts and souls of the college authorities. However, they didn’t Feel the Pain of the Agony in which their Colleague was Badly Drenched, who was just asking “Non-Verbal Right” that could partially mend his position in his colleagues, students, society and in his family? The draft of the letter in which he was addressing Professor Dr. Alia Rehman is Despondent and Gloomy.

Speaking to Pakistan Today, Dr. Aalia Rehman said

 “A Mass Com student submitted an application against Afzal which stated that his conduct with female students was inappropriate. The student said that the professor was in the habit of making suggestive remarks and gestures. That made female students uncomfortable, no physical harassment on part of the late lecturer was reported. The nature of the allegations was “flimsy to say the least” and did not warrant official proceedings. So, That was a small-scale inquiry and was conducted which resulted in vindicating Afzal”.

“We found that Afzal had turned down the girl’s request to improve her marks which led her to write an application accusing him of harassment. Investigating proceedings were completed on July 13 and a report was submitted to the principal’s office subsequently, following which Afzal was ‘verbally’ informed that he had been cleared of the charge. However, Afzal insisted that he be issued an exoneration letter since he had absolutely nothing to show for his innocence. Afzal feared that he would be retried and charged under the Provincial Efficiency and Disciplinary Act (PETA) since he believed that the proceedings had not been formally concluded.”

There Are Several “Why’s” in the Subsequent Debauchery

  • Why news of Suicide that was Committed on the 9th of October is kept Hushed and Broke in the News on the 19th of October?
  • Also, Why did College Authorities fail to officially clear Afzal’s name by not issuing him a letter of Exoneration?
  • Why it was an easy task for a female student to wrongly harasses the lecturer for getting “desired marks”?

So, there is a Great Uproar on Social Media Regarding the Miserable Incident that put the issue under the limelight of the #MeToo movement.

The Famous Singer and Actor Ali Zafar Recalled his Incident with Meesha Shafi and Asked Everyone to Speak about him just like they did before.

Famous Journalist Hamid Mir also said that such Allegations can Ruin the Reputation and Lives.

Well! History Proves that Men are not Always Guilty in Harassment Cases!

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