Drama Alif is the Biggest Hit of the Season

 Drama Alif is the Biggest Hit of the Season

Alif is Potentially a Drama that has knocked out many plays of the season. Alif is starred by Luminaries of the Pakistan Entertainment Industry like Hamza Ali Abbasi, Kubra Khan. Drama Alif is the Biggest Hit of the Season.

It is the Production of Samina Humayun Saeed, directed by Haseeb Hassan and Penned by Umera Ahmed who knows how to spell with words.

The Purpose of the Play

Alif defines the Struggle Between the Spiritual Connection and Materialistic Fantasy of life. Drama is well-versed that portrays how worldly lure depraves chosen beings and indulge them in fame by giving them agitation. The underlying rather captivating perception is “Ishq-i-Majazi and Ishkay-hakeeqi. So, the Drama is Highly Anticipated and Highly Recommended.

The cast of Alif is justified and hypnotic

  • Sajal Ali as Momina
  • Hamza Ali Abbasi as Kulbay Momin
  • Ehsan Khan as Taha
  • Kubra Khan as Husnay-Jahan
  • Manzar Sahbei
Drama Alif is the Biggest Hit of the Season

Drama Alif is the Biggest Hit of the Season

The on-aired episode of the 16th of November is the Conviction of Flashbacks of Hamza Ali Abbasi who is a Notorious and Self-Conceited film director. When he is on the peak of his career he is Deceived and Exploited by his Fiancé Neha (Sadaf Kanwal) and mystified by his Dada’s simple question ” Kya tum Khush ho?”.

Though KULBAY MOMIN couldn’t reply to the simple question and stumped badly that made him surprised too. In the entire scenario, Manzar Sahbei has prestigiously occupied the Sufism by jolting the sleeping MOMIN in Kulbay-Momin. The bombarding play is ought to be the last project of Hamza Ali Abbasi who has recently declared his exit from the entertainment industry and coveted to be the real MOMIN.

On the other side of the play, Momina is struggling hard in all the spheres of her life physically tired, mentally lost, emotionally wrecked and financially indebted. Kubra Khan and Ehsan Khan’s love story and their hollowing depart are still under the hood, and the audience is curious to know about Taha (EHSAN KHAN).

All Characters and Cast are Well-Accompanied and vindicated and ALIF is worthy to watch.

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