Dua Mangi’s Abduction Case- Stop Victim-Blaming and HELP HER FIND

 Dua Mangi’s Abduction Case- Stop Victim-Blaming and HELP HER FIND

Dua Nisar Mangi is a Law Student from the University of London and also a Member of the International Women’s Rights Organization. Unfortunately, she was Abducted from a Popular Chaye Dhaaba in DHA (Karachi) on Saturday. Instead of Helping to Find her, People are Victim-Blaming. Dua Mangi’s Abduction Case- Stop Victim-Blaming and HELP HER FIND

Rendering to The Express Tribune, the Shrouding Incident took place at 8 pm when Dua was walking on the street with her friend, Haris Fatah. Later, unidentified men in a grey Honda Civic intervened them and shot at Haris, disparagingly wounded him, and drive off with Dua in the car.

The Entire incident is Harrowing to Read and Tormenting to listen to what people are shitting out on Dua’s attire, as they are trying to justify the “CRIME”.

Dua Mangis Abduction Case- Stop Victim-Blaming and HELP HER FIND

The Distressing incident took the internet by storm when Dua’s sister ENTREATED FOR HELP

The immoral incident started mingling on the Internet when Dua’s sister shared a Facebook post apprising people of the incident and requesting help in the case.

The Cousins of Dua Mangi also Started Sharing the Posts and Asked for Help from Authorities.

The Prominent Figures have also been using twitter accounts for Recovery of Dua Mangi.

Dua Mangi’s Abduction Case- Stop Victim-Blaming and HELP HER FIND

Unsurprisingly, people have started VOMITING THEIR INNER FILTH by victim-blaming instead of trying to help. Several notes on social media have arisen in which people are PIN-POINTING her dress. The revolting comments are like this way

  • Dua was “asking for it,”
  • “aur bano feminist,”
  • “ye toh hona hee tha”
  • “women should dress modestly to prevent this from happening.”
  •  “wese, kidnappers ne haath acha marlia.”

People are tweeting against “Sympathizers” by Accusing them hard “DO NOT JUSTIFY PREDATORS”

Leaked info from one of the Associates of Mangi’s family

Dua Mangi had recently returned from the US, where she had some personal differences with a man, later she completely disconnected with him. He had made several efforts to resume the relationship but failed. Police aren’t approving the particulars right now but have claimed that they are considering the case from all angles.

The Crux of the Pathetic Dilemma

It is outlandish and ludicrous to culpable a woman for her clothes, How a “mere dress” can be responsible for violence and assault? Why our society is deprived of humanity and lack of morals/ethics that instead of accusing culprits they are imputing victim’s dress of her abduction?????

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