Emporium Mall Cinema Leaks Footage of Dating Couples- Privacy is a Right or Privilege

Emporium Mall Cinema Leaks Footage of Dating Couples Privacy is a Right or Privilege

A Cinema in Lahore probably Emporium Mall Cinema has Leaked Footages of Dating Couples and it has Sparked the outrage in Public. Couples were caught doing ‘Reprehensible Acts’ during the showtime. So, it was captured through night-vision cameras and recorded without Pre-Warning Signals to them. However, Apparently the Video is leaked by some of the workers without the consent of Couples. Emporium Mall Cinema Leaks Footage of Dating Couples- Privacy is a Right or Privilege.

The videos showed them Engaging in Intimacy and people are outraged that the videos were taken in the first place. So, Pakistanis have started to raise questions about the Privacy Rights of Individuals.

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Leaked Footages Spark Privacy Rights Violation

It is widely believed that everyone has a right to privacy and no institution or individual can leak anyone’s private moments at without their prior approval or consent. However, In a Country where Honor Killings are Common and Women are the Main Victims of that. So, leaking such Videos can be a real threat to their Life.

Former Director-General of Chief-Minister’s Strategic Reforms Unit and activist Salman Sufi highlighted the issue on Twitter. So, He said that the video recordings of citizens from cinema halls was a violation of the law. Sufi demanded that these videos should be deleted immediately. He expressed his intention to launch lawsuits against the establishment of those theatres whose staff was involved in recording such videos.

The Couples are Invoking Public Indecency

These Sexual and Intimate Activities should be confined between the Four Walls of the Room. However, the Intimate desires in any Public Place in Asian Society are Taboo, ethically and Morally.

Families seek for some quality time to get refreshed from their routine. One of the very few places for refreshment in Pakistan is cinema, an industry that is growing fast nationwide. People headed towards to watch a movie for refreshment clearly wouldn’t like to hear moaning and intimacy of some couples from the back of their seats, right?

Islam disallows these sexual activities before marriage. Considering that they are Muslims, disturbs us to the very core of our hearts even to digest it. Islam advises not to delay marriages as it brings such invoices amongst the youngsters. The young need to ponder over these Islamic teachings.

Emporium Mall Cinema Leaks Footage of Dating Couples- Privacy is a Right or Privilege

Various Tweets are circulating all over. Some are defending this controversy by suggesting to sue the management of cinemas calling it breaching of citizen’s privacy while others are busy calling it morally and ethically unacceptable.

Salman launched the movement #PrivacyIsARight to safeguard the privacy of Pakistanis with a specific set of demands.

Please Don’t Share the Videos on any Social Media Platform.

Let’s just hope that the youngsters would understand that a few minutes of pleasure does not advocate these acts religiously or morally acceptable.


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