Famous Urdu Rhymes for Children in Pakistan

 Famous Urdu Rhymes for Children in Pakistan

We all grew up listening to the melodious, funny and sometimes sad Urdu rhymes. No matter how old you get you never forget the innocent wording and light melody of these rhymes. A time comes when we sing the same old rhymes for our children to amuse them. Famous Urdu Rhymes for Children in Pakistan will bring back the Nostalgic Life.

Let’s get nostalgic today and recall the sweetest memory of our childhood. These famous rhymes for children in Pakistan will tickle your fancy and will take you back in the flashbacks of your childhood:

Famous Urdu Rhymes for Children in Pakistan

Bulbul ka bacha

Yes, you got it right, the same Bulbul Ka Bacha JO ‘Mainay Uraya Wapis Na Aya’, I still remember the pain this phrase used to give me when I was a child. I don’t think there will be any child who would not have heard of this rhyme.

Machli Jul ki rani hay

This is yet another all times favorite rhyme of everyone’s childhood. Beautiful simple lyrics of this rhyme that children hum all day along “Mchli Jul ki rani hay Jeevun uska pani hay”.

Nani Teri Morni ko chor lay gay

Aww this is going to be awful one for all the Nanis I guess especially when it says ‘Baaki Jo bchaa tha Kalay Chor Lay Gay’. What good old days we all have lived in our childhood, our days used to pass by singing these rhymes.
Famous Urdu Rhymes for Children in Pakistan
Nani Teri Morni

Chunda mama Dur k

This is more a lullaby that a mother sings for her child to make him sleep soundly. ‘Ap khain thaaali main, Munay ko dain piyaali main’, this phrase always used to wonder me as what special thing chunda mama is going to have in such gigantic bowl?

Azra ki Gurya Nahany Gae

It is that rhyme in which a serious mishap occurs with Azra’s guriya but fortunately ‘bri mushkillo say bachaya isay, kinaray pay khainch laya isay’ she survives at the end. This rhyme goes for girls as they have special inclination towards dolls.

Aalu Kachalu Mia Kahan Gay Thay

This is a real funny poem that spreads smile on children’s face especially the phrase ‘mooli nay lat mari ro puray thay’. We used to imagine a kind of get together of all the vegetables in a basket when we used to sing that rhyme.

Childhood is believed to be the most beautiful phase of one’s life, it is that particular time when you are foot-loose and fancy-free, no responsibilities on shoulders. Good Old days!!!!.

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