Fawad Alam hasnโ€™t played for Pakistan since April 2015. The unlucky 33-years old is still one of the Top-Performers in Domestic Cricket with an average of 56. But, unfortunately, he’s the most affected player of Nepotism in Cricket. The unprecedented game of Politics has ruined his PEAK years of Cricket. Recently, a Sway of EXPOSING cricketers, Fawad also got strangled but for Good Reasons. #FawadAlamExposed is Trending on Twitter but for some other reason.

Fawad has been a Constant Performer in Domestic and List-A career but still overlooked by Selection Committee. Chief Selector and the Board, on many occasions, have been criticized heavily for Favoritism in the matter of Fawad.

#FawadAlamExposed is Trending on Twitter but for some other reason


#FawadAlamExposed is Trending on Top in Pakistan. It all started when a student of Iqra University Arham Imitaz took to twitter and tweeted this :

Fawad Alam was my favorite cricketer and I never expected such shameless thing from him. Even after all other people who got exposed”.

He further clarified everything by saying that: “TODAY I AM EXPOSING FAWAD ALAM for his brilliant performance and still being out of the Pakistan cricket team“.

After which many more took Twitter and followed this unusual Trend of #FawadAlamExposed.

If EXPOSING is a good thing then let’s EXPOSE gem of Talents who are Victims of Politics and Favoritism.

It’s a high-time to expose Fawad Alam for his Brilliant Performance yet not being selected by PCB.

It’s a BIG SHAME to not give him the CHANCE he DESERVES.

The Genuine and Actual crux of EXPOSING is to stand with someone during injustice.

The Screenshots of his STATS are shared to EXPOSE selectors.

Mr. Fawad Alam, we’re sorry for the injustice happening with you. As a nation, we can only raise voice for you & we’re trying to do that. Hopeful to see you back in the green shirt!

Although, the TREND name was bit Scary following the recent EVENTS of EXPOSING going on.



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