Finally, the Pakistani pacer burst the balloon of inquisitiveness which is going through for many days. On Friday 2nd of August, Hassan Ali held a press conference in his home town Gujranwala to confirm the rumors regarding his marriage. He inveterates the chilling gossip by saying “news running in the media is true”. Finally! Hassan Ali has Confirmed Marriage with an Indian Girl on August 20.

So, the wedding is confirmed and will be held in Dubai on 20th August with all the festivities expected. Hassan Ali broke the news by sitting with his brother. Though he elucidated the misspelled name of his going-to-be-wife that is SAMIA, not SHAMIA.

Finally! Hassan Ali has Confirmed Marriage with an Indian Girl


How old the SCENE is

The Haryana girl has a love-knot with a Pakistani hero from the last year in Dubai, and his family met her meanwhile too.

Internet is Boasting The Fake Pic of SAMIA ARZOO

Hassan Ali further clarified the viral pics of SAMIA that all of them are fake and phony. The actual and the real pic of the going-to-be bride cannot be exposed due to the family concerns.

Wedding Preparations Avowed by the HERO

Hassan Ali happily stated his wedding details with the media. He emphasized that the wedding will take place in rich Pakistani culture and he will put a traditional attire of red and black tinted SHIRWANI. Whereas Samia will be in her Indian bridal.

Cross Border Love-Knots

Indian girls are most of the time proved to be striking for Pakistani heroes as Hassan Ali will be the fourth Pakistani cricketer who joyfully became the DAMAAD of India. The first Indian prey was the legendary batsman Zaheer Abbass then Mohsin Khan and Shoaib Malik upheld the tradition. Now Hassan Ali is also about to join them.

Finally! Hassan Ali has Confirmed Marriage with an Indian Girl on August 20
Hassan Ali and His Wife


People are rejoicing this great news by sharing different Thoughts on Twitter. Let’s check-out some Messages from Fans!

Correction Please! The name of the girl is Samia, not Shamia!

But Wait! Why he’s announcing his Marriage in a Press-Conference!

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