Hamza Ali Abbasi is Criticized for Defending Iqra-Yasir’s Kissing Moment

Hamza Ali Abbasi is Criticized for Defending Iqra Aziz & Yasir Hussain's Kissing Moment.
Hamza Ali Abbasi Defended Iqra Azia and Yasir Hussain

No one, Literally no one, Hamza Ali Abbasi came out to rescue co-stars Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz after their Viral Proposal Stunt. Hamza tried to School the trollers for disrespecting the Actors, but in return faced the Backlash of being “Hypocrite”. Hamza Ali Abbasi is Criticized for Defending Iqra-Yasir’s Kissing Moment.

Recently, Yasir Hussain bows down to Propose his rumored girlfriend Iqra Aziz during Lux Style Awards. Their proposal took the internet by storm, but for all wrong reasons. The couple started Hugging and Kissing each other and whole Social Media be like ” Get a Room Guys”. Trolls came down hard on the couple as they display affection publicly.

Many celebrities have shown immense love and poured best wishes for the couple. Amongst those celebrities, Hamza Ali Abbasi stood up against the Social Media Trollers to rescue Yasir-Iqra.

“In an era when people prefer haraam over halal, how can you find faults in a man asking a woman for nikkah?” the actor shared. “Because he hugged her or kissed her on the cheek? STOP IT! Instead celebrate the good… Heartiest congrats to Yasir and Iqra. May Allah bless you both on your new journey.”

Hamza has time and again slammed Item Numbers in Pakistani Movies due to Religious Restrictions. People are now also questioning his hypocrite statement on Iqra-Yasir issue.

He defended his stance in another tweet saying that he boycotted item numbers but never bashed actors based on their ‘personal faults’.

Hamza, nonetheless stood his ground and cleared the air saying. “Its sad how we Muslims so eagerly pick out individuals/bash them on thir personal faults. Buraai ko buraai kaho, logon ko zaleel na karo. I criticise item numbers without ever picking out actresses and bashing them individually for doing item numbers. Allah ka khof karo musalmaano! [sic].”

He also added, “The closer i am getting to Islam, the more i am finding out tht Allah does not like you to pick out names & individuals & bash them on thr persnl faults. Look away from thr persnl faults & celebrate the good tht they do. Thts what Allah loves. Aagay aapki marzi. [sic].”

Hamza Ali Abbasi is Criticized for Defending Iqra-Yasir’s Kissing Moment. Subsequently, the actor also became a target of backlash on his post criticizing item numbers but supporting their PDA.

People are asking about the Hadees where its mentioned that we can have a moment Affection before NIKKAH.

Let’s talk about Family Content now and how it can affect our Entire Generation.

There should be a Fine of Overacting. Ha ha ha

Hamza Ali Abbasi needs to stop referring Islamic Hadith to Support his Stupid Narrative.

It’s not about Finding Faults, it’s about Setting New Trend among Upcoming Generation.

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