Here’s Everything about Dissolution of PMDC and new Medical Commission

 Here’s Everything about Dissolution of PMDC and new Medical Commission

PDMC is being formed under Pakistan Medical & Dental Council Ordinance 1962 and has been active since then. President has Dissolved the Regulatory Authority, the Distressing Decision is being taken on Sunday. Police just took over offices of PMDC on the order of the Ministry of National Health Services. Here’s Everything about Dissolution of PMDC and new Medical Commission.

Medical and Dental Students are the Brainy People of the Country. These Intellectuals are under the Terror of Vagueness after Government’s Decision.

What PMDC Actually Functions

It is one of the Substantial Regulatory Body in Pakistan and Functions as stated

  • It supervises all the medical and dental institutions of Pakistan.
  • Keeping a standard through scrutiny and regulation.
  • Registration of graduates and practicing doctors.
  • Issue licenses.
  • Rheostat new Private Medical Colleges.
  • Disciplined decisions to shut down substandard medical colleges.
  • It makes Certain Parameters to limit the Fees of Private Universities.
  • Governs Teaching and Examination Criteria for the Listed Hospitals.

Here’s Everything about Dissolution of PMDC and new Medical Commission.

The Dissolution of PDMC has left a Question Mark on the Governing issues of Private Institutions and what Statutory Body would Replace PMDC now. President Arif Alvi has dissolved PMDC and swapped by a new body “Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC)”.

PMC is a new Governing Body of 9 Adherents, names and positions are still under the hood but the leaked info is here to view.

  • Three members each from the civil society and with a medical background, one with the dental background.
  • All having a minimum of 20 years of experience in their Corresponding Areas.
  • A surgeon general from armed forces’ medical services.
  • The President of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP).

PMC is Constructed to Follow Regulatory “Ethics”

  • It will be in the desecration of the 1962 PMDC Ordinance that statuses the council shall be established through elected representatives from the medical fraternity.
  • it will function for three years as a “corporate institution” and will have a discrete secretariat called the National Medical Authority Commission.

Shockwaves and Several Apprehensions are Drifting throughout the Medical and Dental Guild Concerning Abrupt Closure of an old institution and formed the new Regulatory Body. PDMC Employees are under shudder too and enquiring the reason of PUNGENT Confidentiality.

The Traumatizing Influences for Medical and Dental Students of THE BIG TABDEELI

  • So, How would the PMC function?
  • How much extensive it would be in its powers?
  • NLE is the real curse in the new Body, as it would be a compulsory exam for all medical graduates after the accomplishment of their five years of medical education in order to acquire a medical license.
  • Students studying in institutions of Pakistan Armed Forces will Exempt from the NLE Exam…
  • Students are Worry as new Ordinance will not Administer Private Medical Colleges to Govern Fees and Examining Criteria.

Medical Association Has Rejected the Dissolution of PMDC which Created Uncertainty

The PMA is involving political parties to reject the new ordinance. However, Medical and Dental students are reproving the TUBDEELI and are raising their voice against the future-alarming decision by signing online petitions and planning sit-ins and protests. Remonstration is on from the last 2 days, and by tomorrow senators and senior doctors will join the protest to doom it.

People Are Condemning this Horrible Step in Naya Pakistan as if only Doctors are for TESTS!

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