How Liberalism is Cursing Pakistan and its Cultural Values

 How Liberalism is Cursing Pakistan and its Cultural Values

The word “Liberalism” is Associated with the personal freedom of the individual in the context of progress and reform with the consent of the government. Nevertheless, in Pakistan liberalism is a Stigma because the Ostensible Liberalism is Cursing Pakistan and its Cultural Values. According to them, liberalism is stacked with

•             Speak against “Parda”

•             No demarcated limits of self-freedom

•             Raise voice against Islam

•             Expression of language on subtle subjects

How Liberalism is Defined in Pakistan

It seems that liberalism is the gaming fun of one’s perception and a professed liberal is using for his assistance. Moreover, the supposed term has become taboo, on the contrary, it is well-versed in its meaning “open-mindedness, tolerance and moderation.

The shrilling question is then why all waning incidents are cultivated by the “Liberals” of Pakistan. For instance, the Immoral and Unethical women march on women’s day, how it could be our culture? And the unscrupulous incident of Rabi Pirzada. Who is using whom, one should think about it before transmitting the bug into the mainstream?

Nevertheless, Our Conviction and Cultural confines do not define Vulgarity and Liberalism can never Justify it too.

How Liberalism is Cursing Pakistan and its Cultural Values

Will Liberals Bloom Under the Régime of Imran Khan

Prime minister Imran Khan is thought to be the Enthusiast of liberalism, and under his constituency, these liberals are so well Systematized and Administratively active. So, Does Pakistan Need these liberals who are in seek of blood and do not miss a chance to weaken our cultural standings?

Prime minster Imran khan should make the liberals cognizance of the true meaning and direction of liberalism. However, Islam is the religion of tolerance and does not allow obscenity of act, mind, and heart. So, It is an unfortunate reality that despondent liberals of Pakistan are NOW pleased and felt safe in the electoral period of PTI.

A Single term has two different Dnotations on Duo Spectrums

The general public is still unaware of the true meaning and practical susceptibility of liberalism, in fact, they are apprehensive of inflated prices. On the other side of the spectrum, liberals of the country who always belonged to the elite class are busy in flagging our culture and flailing our religious bindings.

How Liberalism is Cursing Pakistan and its Cultural Values

Liberals might even activist for improved public services. Nevertheless, these are just well-intentioned desires, and unless liberals signify themselves as planned political actors and social media entities. These double-dealers are a constant threat to the sovereignty of Pakistan.

So, open your eyes and recognize them, they know how to use you for the betterment and fame for themselves. They are “crafted” to create a bay of qualms between you and your religious ethics and to worsen rich cultural norms.

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