Dhoni was captured red-handed wearing Indian Army Emblem during the world cup opener against South Africa. However, many Indian fans appreciated the gesture. But, Later on, ICC has requested the Indian board to remove the badge as it is against the regulations of ICC. ICC has Stopped Dhoni from Army Insignia on Gloves and INDIANS are Pissed about the decision and are adamant that Dhoni should keep the Gloves.

According to ICC rules, Cricketers cannot use its platforms to achieve their respective goals. Even if they feel something is extremely wrong in the world–be it genocides, mass murders, terrorist attacks, peace efforts, etc.

Dhoni is an honorary lieutenant colonel in India’s Parachute Regiment. BCCI has requested International Cricket Council to let him wear the gloves featuring the ‘Balidaan Badge’.The ICC has rejected the BCCI’s request to let Indian wicketkeeper Dhoni support the ‘Balidaan’ insignia.
However, on Thursday, the International Cricket Council requested the Board of Control for Cricket in India to have the badge removed, saying it is against the regulations.
“It is against the regulations and we have requested it is removed,” Claire Furlong, ICC General Manager said.
As per the rules of ICC, a player cannot wear anything that has a political, racial or religious messaging. This is to ensure that the game remains gentleman not an arena for activism. Every board and Cricketer has to follow these rules and regulations. Even in the Olympics, athletes have to abide by similar rules.

ICC Stopped Dhoni from Army Insignia on Gloves and INDIANS are Pissed

Indian Fans and Media are hypocrites when it comes to the implication of rules on them. They’ve been arguing that the Insignia is neither political nor religious.

Even former Cricketers are losing their senses now.

Mumun Dutta Said “ The country proudly stands with you Mr Dhoni”.

CoA Chief Vinod Rai Says, “ICC must allow to keep wearing same gloves.” #DhoniKeepTheGlove.

It’s not a BOLLYWOOD Masala Movie, Paresh Sahib.


#DhoniKeepTheGloves was trending on the twitter and Indians were ruthlessly intimidating Dhoni to go against the basic rules of Gentleman Game.

This Maniac is thinking about the replacement of Sponsorship. Get a Life Dude!

The world is full of illiterate Bhakts Now. They can’t differentiate between Practice Activities and in-game activities.

Thank God, You will find many Sane people also in this Foolish World.

Indian Cricketing Legend Sunil Gavaskar came out stronger on this Issue.



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