PM Imran Khan emphasizes on the elevation and prerequisite of Digital Economy and its lucrative solutions to privilege business sector. He further accentuates that Pakistan can attract new domestic and international investments by enhancing the digital economy in the country. Unnecessary laws need to be Culminate to make it Happen. PM Imran Khan presides and directs to the chairman of the Board of Investment on Wednesday to generate business opportunities in Pakistan. Imran Khan is Encouraging Promotion of Digital Economy, Solutions to Ease Businesses.

High-Level Officials Attended the Conference

High level meeting was chaired by PM Imran Khan and the session was held to regulate and formulate business laws to encourage companies to start-up business ventures. Moreover, there are other officials present in the session but in particular as stated

  • Commerce adviser
  • Consultant to make institutional reforms
  • BOL chairman
  • Industrial minister of Punjab
  • World Bank’s country director

The Momentous Verdict of the Session

  • Operative steps to facilitate business starters
  • Make room to formulate and regulate prevailing business laws to deliver digital economy solutions facing by business sector
  • Root out redundant laws that can discourage investments and can hinder business prospect
  • Opted for smooth restructuring process
  • Confiscate rigidity in the present framework

While Chairing the Session PM Khan said

“It is the government’s top priority to provide facilities to the investors and easy solutions for businesses. The availability of relevant information through an online medium will further ease the business procedures.”

Smart Regulation action Apprised on Digital Business Scheduling

Prime minister Imran khan assured and acquainted the transparency of mapping in crafting business communications. Moreover, For the audience that it would be the portal to facilitate other institutions of the country. His grave concern is neutrality that is required to modify the prevailing structure and indorsing digital economy by providing and creating digitalized solutions to curlicue business sector of Pakistan.

So, Imran Khan is Encouraging Promotion of Digital Economy, Solutions to Ease Businesses and it is Beneficial for the Betterment of Country!


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