Kartarpur Corridor is Ready to open on 9th November for 550th Birthday of Guru Nanak

 Kartarpur Corridor is Ready to open on 9th November for 550th Birthday of Guru Nanak

KartarPur Corridor is a Beacon of Sanguinity and Peace for India and Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan under PM Imran Khan has Publicized to open the Free Transit Visa-Free passage for Sikh Yatrees in November 2019. Kartarpur Corridor is Ready to open on 9th November for the 550th Birthday of Guru Nanak.

Kartarpur Corridor is on Pakistan Land and the ground reality is like JUDA HOKAY TU MUJH MAY KAHI BAKI HAI for the Sikhs of India.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Mahmood Qureshi had already Invited former Indian PM Manmohan Singh for the Inauguration of the Kartarpur corridor. However, Former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has accepted the invitation and will visit Kartarpur for the 550th Birth Anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak.

The Religious Significance of KartarPur corridor

It has Forceful Religious Significance for Sikhs and Strategically Imperative for two Atomic Capable Countries. It is just three kilometers away from the border with India and located on the banks of River Punjab. However, The place is Consecrated for Sikhs and engross Foundations of Sikh Religion. Because BABA GURU NANAK had spent 18 years of his Culminated life here before dying in 1539.

Kartarpur Corridor is Ready to open on 9th November for 550th Birthday of Guru Nanak

In November Sikh pilgrims are going to celebrate the 550th Birth anniversary of BABA GURU NANAK. Pakistan is Intended to move Forward by Breaking all the past hurdles and rows in the way of Progress and Prosperity. Although, The Radical Step is taken by Pakistan to Establish Peace and Harmony in the region. However, The Kartarpur corridor is scheduled to be opened on November 9 this year. All the Construction and Required Facilities for Yatrees are well-arranged.

The people across the border want peace in spite of their Government’s Suspicious Unremitting Negative efforts to harm Pakistan’s Sovereignty and Integrity. So, By Adhering with past Commotions Neither of the Countries can enter the Phase of Economic Insistence.

KartarPur corridor is the 4.7-kilometer-long access strip in between two countries.

Darbar Kartarpur Sahib is connected through a Passage to Gurdaspur in India. So, the Sikh Wayfarers feel free and safe in Pakistan in offering their religious duties. Sikhs have shown their gratitude for the Imran Khan to keep them away from the complications of the Visa Process.

The world Expects the same level of Susceptibility and Responsiveness from the Indian Government in Resolving many Peace Alarming Issues

Imran Khan’s historic Announcement of FREE VISA ENTRY for Sikh pilgrims is a Trailblazing Effort that will Strengthen the Bordering Rapport. Imran Khan made a historic Announcement by Attending Indian Delegation from India including Navjot Singh Sidhu. The peace lovers of across the world appreciate the momentous approach of Pakistan and Presume the same Perseverance from India.

Undoubtedly it is a Thriving Declaration for Sikh devotees and felt being honored by the Government of Pakistan. The statement was made in the Righteousness of the guest Navjot Singh Sidhu and the practical Slant of ARMY CHIEF GENERAL QAMAR JAWED’s warm hug to him. On this loving Gesture, Sidhu was Strongly Criticized in his country. That’s why it is said that INDIA NEEDS TO GROOM. The country is not believed to be Vulnerable on its Geographical Massiveness, it is supposed to be utilitarian on its Astuteness.

India Needs to Re-Think about their Policies

Apart from a few Deadly Wars and many Cold Wars between two Atomic Counties. The Peace of the Entire World is at risk due to the Impeded Peace Efforts of India. However, The dialogue process should be Reinitiated. Also, the opening of the KartarPur corridor should be accepted by India as a Perceptible Gesture of Amity. By the Shrilling Announcement regarding the Kartarpur corridor, Pakistan has thrown a PEACE BALL in India. Now it is up to India to do something noble and harmonious for the region, and the start should be from the KASHMIR ISSUE.

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