Let’s Teach our Children about ‘Good and Bad Touch’ to Spot the PREDATORS

 Let’s Teach our Children about ‘Good and Bad Touch’ to Spot the PREDATORS

Pedophilia is a mental sickness that is always unseen and disguised under love and courtesy. It is hard to spot these dangerously sick and revolted people. As they are always ambiguous. In Pakistan, 44% of children are sexually abused by strangers, 56% by those who are allowed to be around your kids. Let’s Teach our Children about ‘Good and Bad Touch’ to Spot the PREDATORS out there.

It has become mandatory to train your kids against these monsters. You can not be with your kids every time. Prepare them for the war AGAINST THESE PREDATORS that can be originated anywhere any time, and they should have the courage to shout and unveil them. Awareness is the only light in the dark tunnel.

Awareness is the only Proactive Approach against Pedophilia

Mindful erudition in parents is the only solution to eradicate the immoral sickness from society. The facts and figures are haunting.

A good touch is a love pat on cheek or shoulder and it is always obvious and modest. Vandalized CHILDHOOD cannot produce leaders. Save the little angels, speak against the crime AND BREAK THE TABOO.

Let’s Teach our Children about Good and Bad Touch to Spot the PREDATORS out there.

Parents should be over conscious about the well-being and innocence of their children. Being watchful is necessary to protect the beauty of childhood. The rape and murder of Zainab have brutally jolted parents. There are many other cases that are veiled and didn’t get media coverage. Always spot that guy who is over nice with your kids, giving candies and gifts can be joyful for a kid but it should be alarming for you.

So, Mothers should make their kids understand to differentiate in between the Good or Bad touch. At school, knowledge regarding the bad touch should be educated in a way they could sense it immediately and tell their parents. Bad touch is a BAD one no matter it is being done by uncle, driver, teacher or by an unknown person. Make them mentally and physically prepare to speak and stopover all those hands that would touch their private parts.

Media and Drama Industry Should also Stand-Up Against Child Molestation

Media is also trying to raise voice against child abuse that was a real Taboo to speak about. HUM TV drams UDARI was the first step towards realization. It had successfully Portrayed the Traumatic Dismal of unkind realities of the Brutal Act. It has triggered people to think about it, that whenever your kid is trying to share something with you, never discourage him or her. Always and always raise his voice and listen to them, trust them, do not let anyone ruin their innocence.

ARY Digital drama HAIWAN was also on the same subject. All these efforts on the Podium of TV and social media are to awaken your all senses to identify the Blood-Sucking Creatures Hidden around you. Pedophiles are not always creepy looking, heinous creatures. They always try to act parents-like, and the only thing that can ring alarm bells is their TOUCH. The only defending approach can be the Proper Identification.

The heart-wrenching play of Mayri Guriya was on the same harrowing subject of rape and murder of children. Dur Si Jati Hai Sila was also one of those efforts that are for people to rip down the shadow of fear and unleash pedophiles. The most effective tool to kill them on the spot is COURAGE.

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