The Leading Lady of Pakistan Muslim League, Maryam Nawaz appeared before the accountability court in Pure Fashionable way. She was wearing an all-black Kurta outfit. The Kameez ensemble the picture of ‘Nawaz Sharif’ printed on it. There were slogans of ‘Free Nawaz Sharif‘ and ‘Bay Gunnah Nawaz Shareef Ko Rihaah Karo’. Maryam Nawaz Wore “Free Nawaz Sharif” Kurta and People are Triggered with it.

NAB filed a petition against Maryam for presenting fake trust deed during Avenfield Reference. However, judge Bashir dismissed the application of arresting over ‘Bogus’ trust deed on the 19th of July, 2019.

Maryam Nawaz Wore "Free Nawaz Sharif" Kurta and People are Triggered
Maryam Nawaz Wearing Black “Free Nawaz Sharif”
PML-N leader and Social Media activist, Hina Parvez Butt, carefully designed the Kurta. LUMS graduated Hina is a Famous Fashion Designer Politician. In fact, she even designed a capsule collection dedicated to Maryam last year.

Hina lauded Maryam Nawaz on her Bravery by, calling her “epitome of defiance and determination in Pakistan politics today”. 

Maryam Nawaz also Thanked Hina for the Dress and requested everyone to wear until NAWAZ SHARIF IS OUT.

So, Maryam Nawaz Wore “Free Nawaz Sharif” Kurta and People are Triggered.

The picture of Maryam Nawaz’s Dramatic Kurta went viral on Social Media. Nonetheless, one can expect such a BOLD choice of selection from Maryam Nawaz. Nevertheless, her detractors and advocates equally shared her picture. Some censured her while others are calling her a True Depiction of Bravery and Strength.
Maryam Nawaz’s black outfit attracts mixed reactions from Netizens on Social Media.

Animated Movie Fans would get the Joke out of that Picture for sure!

Who can FORGET the ULTIMATE relationship of Maryam Bibi and Calibri Font?

The Qatari Shehzara Strikes again.

Some HAILED her gesture as a Symbol of Strength and Bravery.

You can CAGE the person but not the NARRATIVE.

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