Imran Tahir is famous for celebrating every moment with a distinctive style – running around wildly from one end to another. In the recent World Cup game against Pakistan, when Tahir caught and bowled Imam-Ul-Haq, his left the station and chugged excitedly around the Lord’s infield. Memes on Imran Tahir’s Celebration is the Best thing on Internet Today, so Social Media users couldn’t hold back to make memes on it.

It’s almost elevated that he celebrates wickets with more pure, childlike glee. The enthusiastic manner in which he wheels away and sprints, endearingly aimlessly. But with arms spread wide, further than most quick bowlers’ run-ups, is contagious.

Memes on Imran Tahir's Celebration
Memes on Imran Tahir’s Celebration

He became the most successful bowler from South Africa in World Cups after taking the wicket of Imam. Tahir Broke Allan Donald’s record of 38 Wickets by taking 39th Wicket against Pakistan.

Memes on Imran Tahir’s Celebration is the Best thing on Internet Today

While Some people are comparing him with Usain Bolt.

Some People are making TikTok videos of his Celebration Style.

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Why the world is wasting technology and Fuels on the Mars Mission when Tahir can get there with his running.

After hours of Running through Space, he was spotted on Moon.

So, Tahir Loves Mountainous Stations and he is wandering in Kashmir right now.


The South African Usain Bolt reached Lahore in no time. This is Hilarious Now

So, Imran Tahir has reached Karachi Sea view after successful running through Lahore.

Finally, Imran Tahir returned back to his country after tremendous running through the Universe.




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