Recently, Firdous Jamal made some sexist remarks about Mahira Khan in Faysal Qureshi’s Morning Show. Firdous Jamal labeled Mahira as a ‘Mediocre Heroine’ and said she should play motherly roles on-screen. Following his AGEIST comments, the Veteran Actor faced severe Social Media Backlash from Industry. Some are shunning Firdous Jamal and some are schooling him about Respecting co-actors. Momina Duraid Bans Firdous Jamal from HUM TV and that is ABSURD from the MD of HUM TV.

Momina Duraid Bans Firdous Jamal from HUM TV and that is ABSURD

Momina Duraid is the head of MD Productions which is one of the biggest production houses in Pakistan. MD productions are run by the HUM family. Mahira Khan has worked in many of their productions. Hamsafar, Bin Roye, Sadqay Tumhare and now Superstar all have been produced under the same production.

Even though, Hamza Firdous, son of Firdous Jamal, cleared the clouds by saying that there were no Personal Grudges behind his comments about Mahira Khan. “#FirdousJamal has given 45 years of sweat and blood to this industry. And his comments were not by any Mean Misogynistic…This person doesn’t need to hold grudges!”

However, Mahira Khan gave a dignified response to Firdous Jamal’s comments. But, it seems, the industry is still not done with the controversy.

Following the incident, Momina Duraid of MD Productions, the backbone behind major projects on Hum TV, has Cancelled all ties with Firdous Jamal.

Momina praised Mahira Khan for being “a woman with immense integrity, self-control, and solid principles.” Momina called Firdous Jamal “Regressive and Chauvinist for disrespecting Mahira Khan”. And she will not work with Firdous Jamal after his Sexist Comments.

Momina Duraid Bans Firdous Jamal from HUM TV and that is ABSURD
Momina Duraid Statement on Firdous Jamal

Actor Feroz Khan Came-out in Support of Firdous Jamal. How Can she Suffocates “Freedom of Speech? Show me if you can cancel me!

This harsh decision from Momina Duraid has divided the Internet. As most of the People are criticizing her for being too Harsh on Personal Opinion.

People are Criticizing Momina for Repudiating a Respected Veteran of the Pakistani Entertainment Industry!

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