Namira Salim is the dogmatic beacon of women’s empowerment and emancipation. She is one of those auspicious women who transformed her dream TO TOCH THE AZURE into reality. Her propitious efforts to be one of the striking luminaries of the world enables her to be rewarded the award of “First Pakistani Astronaut” in 2006. Her space expedition is a stepping-stone and a pathway for every woman of Pakistan. Women of Pakistan are brave and passionate but little twisted, due to the invisible socio-bindings. NAMIRA SALIM is the first Pakistani Astronaut- THE PRIDE OF PAKISTAN and is no doubt an INSPIRATION LEADER and MOTIVATIONAL SUPPORT for Women.

Namira Salim’s productive Immersion in Suparco

In 2008, she capitulates her achievement of sub-orbital space flight training certificate to the President of Pakistan Pervez Musharaf. She has secured remarkable engrossments in Pakistan’s Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (Suparco). Her collaboration with Pakistan’s Space program is palpable.

So, NAMIRA SALIM is the First Pakistani Astronaut

NAMIRA SALIM is the first Pakistani Astronaut- THE PRIDE OF PAKISTAN
Namira Salim Receiving Certificate from Musharraf

Namira Salim is an ARDANT TRAVELER

Nothing is impossible for her whether to step the sky peaks of North and South pole or the accomplishment to touch the clandestine of dusky space. Namira is a fervent traveler. She is the first Asian and Pakistani to skydive from the Mount Everest.  She raised the Green flag of Pakistan for Peace Harmony on the Poles. At 80 degrees for ten days, she stayed in the massive snow where the weather was vicious. It is her “out of world” achievement. In 2013 she has bestowed “Power of 100 Trailblazer Award” in London for her global peace efforts.

NAMIRA SALIM is the first Pakistani Astronaut- THE PRIDE OF PAKISTAN
Namira Salim on Mount Everest

Namira hailed from Karachi, where her vision of STARS ascended

She got the love of stars in her DNA, it is her father who had introduced her with these twinkling entities in her early childhood. Then she can never stop her heart and steps to think and move to the skies. She always feels mundane to stay longer on earth, and to be an astronaut was her astounding desire, that came true.

She got her training at the Nastar Centre in the USA

It is all about strong passion and the driving force behind every dream. The same has happened with Namira, she got her training in the world’s most high-performance centrifuge, the STS-400. She completed her training in the administration of Virgin Galactic. According to Namira, it is her good fortune that she has learned in the actual environment that was so stimulating and motivational. It was a great experience to face something that has read in books. Forces of gravity than to float in space, feeling of as light as feather, is an amazing experience.

NAMIRA SALIM is the first Pakistani Astronaut- THE PRIDE OF PAKISTAN
Namira Salim in NASA

The silent but Provoking message of Namira Salim for the Women of Pakistan

Being a woman, she feels the pain, globally and for Pakistani women in particular. She strongly advocates women liberation and their positive role in the reconstruction of society’s moral and ethical philosophies. According to Namira, dreams are important to see they construct a vision in our mind and gets stronger over time.

Pakistan needs your corporeal and rational sustenance, you are not scrawny at all, just break the glass ceiling and explore the world. Be a strong motivational influence for your family, society and eventually for the PRIDE OF PAKISTAN.

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