Pakistani Celebrities are Speaking against India’s Atrocities in Kashmir


Indian Extremist-Government has Completely Gone Nuts. Just Now, Indian Home Minister Amit Shah introduced a resolution to scrap Article 370 in Rajya Sabha. So, India has repealed the Special Status and make the occupied Kashmir a Union Territory with the legislature. The order is already Signed by President Ram Nath Kovind. Pakistani Celebrities are Speaking against India’s Atrocities in Kashmir and Violating Human Rights.

Now, India has put Indian occupied Kashmir under lock-down and imposed Curfew-Like Restrictions. Section 144 of the Indian Penal Code has been imposed in the area. Communications are cut, with private mobile networks, internet services, and telephone landlines cut. Indian Higher Authorities have banned any Civilian Movements. The Educational Institutes will remain Close.

“There shall be no movement of the public. All educational institutions shall also remain closed. There will be a complete bar on holding any kind of public meetings or rallies during the period of operation of this order. Identity cards of essential services officials will be treated as movement passes wherever required,” reads an Indian government order. However, it says there is “no curfew in place”.

Pakistani Celebrities are Speaking against India's Atrocities in Kashmir
Indian Forces in Kashmir
Pakistani Celebrities are Speaking against India's Atrocities in Kashmir
Mother Holding her Child in Indian Occupied Kashmir

Following the contentious development, Pakistani Celebrities took to social media to express their sentiments in favor of Kashmir and the hashtag #Kashmirbleeds, #Kashmirunderthreat and #istandwithkashmir started trending.

Pakistani Celebrities are Speaking on India’s Atrocities in Kashmir

It All Started with Hamza Ali Abbasi who urged Pakistani ShowBiz Industry to Speak-Up for Kashmir. Hamza also requested all Followers to Expose India’s Human Rights Violations Globally by Using this Platform.

Hareem Farooq quickly responded to the Request of Hamza and shared her opinion about the Fascist Approach of India.

UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Mahira Khan also expressed her Dismay and said, “Heaven is burning and we silently weep.”

National Award Winner, Mehwish Hayat, has asked the world to ‘Wake-Up’ and Stop Atrocities!

Shaan Shahid Took a Deep Dig at the Indian Prime Minister Modi!

Mawra Hocane, Ali Rehman, Veena Malik, and Feroz Khan also Spok-up against India’s Enormity in Kashmir.


India has placed additional 10,000 Troops to Take Firm Stance. The World Organizations need to take Firm Stand and Expose India’s Brutal Face of Democracy. How the Indian Government is destabilizing Peace in the region and violating Freedom of Kashmiri People. These Pakistani celebrities speaking for Kashmir is important, therefore appreciable.

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