You don’t see Pakistani Fans Cheering Indian Cricket Team very often. But, this time it’ll be the rarest occasion when Pakistani fans will be supporting Indian against England. Pakistani fans are pouring best wishes for Indian cricket team on Social Media ahead of their clash against England. England needs to win this clash in order to steal their chance of qualifying into semi-finals. Pakistani Fans are Supporting India for the First Time Since 1947 to uproot England from the showpiece event so that Green Shirts can qualify smoothly.

“Divided During Independence Day 1947, United now in Cricket World Cup 2019”.

India-Pakistan Rivalry needs no explanation. Their clash represents ‘ignited emotions’ and attracts eyeballs globally. But, this time Fans from both sides have put their rivalries on hold for the greater cause. The hopes of Pakistan relies upon India to thwack England in Today’s Game. If India beats England, Pakistan’s chances of qualifying to next round will get brighter.

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Pakistan has risen from Ashes after their abominable performance in the World Cup. The Green Shirts registered their 3rd victory of the tournament by defeating Passionate Afghanistan and unbeatable New Zeland. Now, Pakistan is sitting at the 4th Spot just below the Kiwis.

Pakistani Fans are Supporting India for the First Time Since 1947
Wahab Riaz’s Winning Shot against Afghanistan

England is more anxious right now as their remaining fixtures are against India and New Zealand. In order to excel to next round, they need to win remaining two matches.

Pakistani Fans are Supporting India for the First Time Since 1947 to uproot England

It all Started when Nasser Hossain asked Pakistani Fans who they would be Rooting for in England-India Clash.

Pakistani fans cleared the air by declaring that they would support Kohli Side.

That’s not even a Question to Ask Nasser. Go Go Kohli

In 1947, England divided India and Pakistan. Today they united them.

ESPNcricInfo asked many Pakistani Fans, who they would be supporting and the answers were quite satisfying for the Good-Relations.

But the Thing is, we simply can’t Underestimate England and put the blame on India at the end.

However, Many dishearted Fans are rooting for England just to Avoid another Shameful defeat from India.

Some narcissistic Indians are looking for the ‘Chess’ Game to put Pakistan out of the Competition.



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