Journalism is a world of awakening veracities of day to day life. Journalism revolves around investigation and reporting of current affairs regarding fashion drifts, political and general massive issues. So, It is the broad spectrum of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION and the power of PUBLIC JUDGEMENT. Pakistani journalists and their Journey from NEWSCASTER TO Senior ANCHOR Persons is given here in details.

From Newscasting to the Description of Senior Anchorperson, the terminus requires Acquaintance and Expertise of Contemporary Affairs.

Recruited down are stepping stones of Pakistani journalists and their Journey from NEWSCASTER TO Senior ANCHOR Persons:

Madiha Naqvi

Beautiful Madiha Naqvi is a big name in young and talented journalists. Though nowadays she is in news, she got married to MQM party leader Faisal Sabzwari. Apart from this, she has an astounding broadcasting career throughout her professional life.

  • Started her career as a newscaster on City 42
  • Then joined Dunya News as a news anchor
  • Conducted numerous awareness campaigns
  • In 2012 joined Geo News for the show GEO SHAAN SAY
  • She is privileged to be the youngest journalist who covered US Presidential elections
  • Hosted a show on Geo TEZ, DOODH PATTI
  • In 2015 joined Bol Network as a senior anchorperson
  • She impressively hosted Ramazan show
  • In 2015 she resumed Geo News to host new morning show SUBH KI KAHANI on Geo Kahani
  • BAKHABAR SWERA on ARY News is an impressive starter show of the day
Pakistani journalists and their Journey from NEWSCASTER TO Senior ANCHOR Personss
Madiha Naqvi in Bakhabar Sawera

Sana Mirza

Sana Mirza is the name of excellence and tenaciousness.

  • FM 100 was her first step into journalism in 2003 as a radio jockey
  • In 2005 she joined Geo News to face the world with her valiant voice and positive body language. Her face was an identity mark of newscasting at Geo News. She stayed at Geo News for almost a decade.
  • Sana joined JAAG News as a senior anchorperson at SANA MIRZA LIVE
  • She also worked on 92 News by hosting the show named as NEWS POINT WITH SANA MIRZA
  • At 24 News she hosted program SANA AIK PAKISTANI VOA NEWS, attributing social problems
Pakistani journalists and their Journey from NEWSCASTER TO Senior ANCHOR Personss
Sana Mirza Anchorperson

Mansoor Ali Khan

Mansoor Ali Khan is the name of the remarkable interpersonal skilled journalist of Pakistan media industry. From almost a decade he is in journalism. He grasped viewers attention by its PTV-like Urdu pronunciation style of newscasting, that is hardly seen now.

Mansoor Ali Khan is an Aitchison Ian and Ravian, a very dedicated student then how come the Geo News could miss him to be their newscasting team. Mansoor has established 5 years of affiliation with Geo News. So, he has covered numerous national and international events. He also hosted and co-hosted programs with Iftikhar Ahmed and Kamran khan who are considered to be the pioneers of journalism.

A glimpse of his astounding accomplishments is as under.

  • US Presidential Elections in 2012
  • Osama Bin Laden Abbottabad Operation
  • Judiciary Movement
  • T20 World Cup
  • Blogs for The News International

In 2012 he joined Bol News as a senior content manager but later left due to the Axact fake degree scandal controversies. He linked with ARY news as a senior anchorperson. He associated with ARY News for almost a year, then he swaps to the big newsgroup Express-News where he hosts a talk show TO THE POINT.

Pakistani journalists and their Journey from NEWSCASTER TO Senior ANCHOR Personss
Mansoor Ali Khan

Gharidah Farooqi

Ghraridah Farooqi is a notorious journalist. She has worked on the podiums of PTV, ATV, Dunya TV, Geo News, Samaa TV and is currently associated with Express-News. However, She was one of the distinctive newscasting faces of Geo News. Gharidah interviewed many political celebrities in her show G FOR GHARIDAH. She was in the news of her secret marriage with Shahbaz Sharif and ridiculously she admitted the going on rumor. Although her carrier as a journalist from newscasting, field reporting to a senior anchorperson is spectacular.

Pakistani journalists and their Journey from NEWSCASTER TO Senior ANCHOR Personss
Gharidah Farooqi

Habib Akram

Habib Akram started his career in journalism as a reporter. He is hosting a current affair show on Dunya TV, named as NUKT-E-NAZAR. The show is about to discuss the up-to-date nationwide apprehensions and sanguinity from the perspective of Habib Akram and Mujibur Rehman Shami. On Dunya News, he does a current affair show IKHTILAFI NOTE WITH HABIB AKRAM, based on insightful scrutiny, and it got instantaneous attention of the audiences.

Habib Akram

Maria Memon

Maria Memon was appointed for Najam Sethi’s show on Geo English, though the show didn’t go on air. Her career achievements being a devoted journalist are as under.

  • Worked as a field operator and an inspiring newscaster at Geo News
  • Hosted a show MAYRAY MUTABIK with Hassan Nissar and Suhail Waraich
  • In 2015 she joined Bol network
  • Recently she is the part of ARY News team as a senior anchor for the show SAWAL YEHI HAI
  • For an upcoming animated movie TICK TOCK, Maria MEMON has conferred her voice

Pakistani journalists and their Journey from NEWSCASTER TO Senior ANCHOR Personss

Ayesha Bakhsh

Ayesha Bakhsh is a talented journalist and a beholder of inspiring soft and resounding vocals. She anchored for ARY News before getting enter into Geo News in 2007. Apart from newscasting she remarkably contributed to broadcasting by her multitasking capabilities.

  • She hosted a program on Geo television NAZIM HAZIR HO
  • Ayesha accommodated Crisis cell
  • Aaj Kamran Khan kay sath
  • Laakin is also one of her impressive show
  • In 2011 she was the part of 12 journalists team congregated from the mainstream of Pakistan who had traveled to Beijing
  • She won the best female newscaster award in 2012 and 2014
  • In 2015 hosted a show NEWS ROOM
  • REPORT CARD is also one of her talk shows

Recently she is performing her duties as a senior anchorperson on GNN. She is also hosting a show of FACE TO FACE WITH AYESHA BAKHSH.

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