For Muslims, going for Umrah or Hajj are extremely special occasions to have in life. And whether or not you have experienced, it’s something most of us aspire to do. Manchester United Star Player Paul Pogba Performed Umrah Pilgrimage and People absolutely Loving it with a pure heart by sharing thoughts on Social Media.
Paul Pogba Performed Umrah
Paul Pogba Performed Umrah
The Manchester United midfielder is one of the most popular Muslim football stars in the world along with Ozil. However, The French midfielder regularly performs Umrah Pilgrimage to celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan
“Never forget the important things in life,” As the French midfielder wrote as a caption to the picture. Chelsea’s French defender Kurt Zouma accompanies Pogba in the photo. Both the players have performed Umrah Pilgrimage together.

Despite all of this wealth, all his swagger and fame, Pogba is first and foremost a devout Muslim, one who doesn’t have a problem with discarding his flashy clothes.

He shared a Video on his Instagram Story standing in front of Kaaba.


Nevertheless, People absolutely cheered his presence in Mecca.

The World Cup Winner Received Many Gifts from People.

He has received many Blessings from people around the Globe.

When he helped Manchester United in winning the 2017 Europa League, he went to Makkah to give thanks to Allah for the successful season. He made the same trip ahead of the World Cup.

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