People Are Unfollowing Irfan Junejo & Junaid Akram For their Response on Kashmir


Prior to the rise and popularity of social media and the success of influencer marketing, advertisers are leaning towards YouTube. Many prominent YouTubers are changing the trends with their influential videos and interacts with the fans. In return, People look-up to them to give their inputs regarding ongoing HEATED AFFAIRS. Recently, the Indian Govt. has revoked the special status of Kashmir and imposed an unprecedented curfew in the Valley. This news has taken the World by a Storm. Pakistani Celebrities outshout meanwhile YouTubers remain SILENT over it. People Are Unfollowing Irfan Junejo & Junaid Akram For their Response on Kashmir.

YouTube has experienced massive growth and adoption in the following years in Pakistan.Β  In Today’s era, YouTube stars are more influential than traditional celebrities. YouTubers have enough followings to influence the entire generation.

Social Media was criticizing the YouTubers for not sharing their thoughts regarding Kashmir Issues. Following the enormous feedback, Junejo and Junaid Akram responded FINALLY! They also cleared that why they weren’t stepping into this issue. The Pakistani Awam is unpredictable, they disguised both of them and started unfollowing Junejo and Junaid from YouTube and other Social Media forums. People believe that least they can do is CONDEMN the atrocities of the Indian Army as YouTube has a strong impact.

Irfan Junejo- Scenes Kuch Aesy Han!

Irfan Junejo expressed his trepidation and call-out those who BULLIED him in a BRIEF video. The Vlogger explained his reasons for staying out of Politics and denounce those who BELIEVED that he might lose his Indian Subscribers.

So, Junejo should’ve played his part by influencing his followers regarding the Situation in Kashmir!

Junaid Akram- Khalli Balli Waly

Junaid Akram goes by the name of GanjiSwag, gone NUTS and used foul language to compensate his silence over Kashmir. In his Instagram story, Akram shared his opinion and bristlingly admonish those who MESSAGED him for a quick response.

The Abusive Language and reprimand response were not accepted by the fans and People started unfollowing him too!

People Are Unfollowing Irfan Junejo & Junaid Akram For their Response on Kashmir



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