PM Imran Khan is Considering to Block Air Routes for India

 PM Imran Khan is Considering to Block Air Routes for India

It has been 15 Days since Indian Govt. has imposed Curfew in Kashmir Valley. Pro-Hindutva Indian Govt. following the Extremist Ideology of RSS to wipe-out Muslims from Kashmir. So, first, they revoked the Special Status of Kashmir and then Communication Blackout in the Valley. However, Pakistan is Protesting against India’s illegitimate move of handling a Bilateral Disputed issue on its own. Moreover, PM Imran Khan is Considering to Block Air Routes for India for solidarity with Kashmiri people.

Pakistan Will go to any EXTENTS to Record Protest Internationally against India’s Atrocities in Kashmir after Revoking article 370 and Terminate their Autonomy.

Federal Minister of Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry said that Prime Minister was suggested about the possible closure of Airspace for Indian during a Cabinet Meeting. Fawad in his Tweet mentioned that Imran Khan is considering a Complete closure of Airspace for India. He also suggested a complete ban on Indian trade to Afghanistan through Pakistani land routes.

“PM is considering a complete closure of Air Space to India, a complete ban on the use of Pakistan Land routes for Indian trade to Afghanistan was also suggested in a cabinet meeting,” Fawad wrote in his tweet.

“Legal formalities for these decisions are under consideration… #Modi has started we’ll finish!” added the federal minister.

Criticism over Modi’s Use of Pakistani Airspace- PM Imran Khan is Considering to Block Air Routes for India 

The PTI Government received severe backlash for allowing Narendra Modi to use Pakistani airspace on August 22, during a state visit to France, Bahrain, and UAE. So, the decision to close the Airspace comes after Widespread Criticism and Questions.

Modi’s flight callsign Air India One (A1-I) crossed over from Pakistani airspace while en route from New Delhi to France.

Pakistanis are Encouraging Prime Minister for such BOLD STEP

Just Like Imran Khan said, Modi has resurrected the Independence Movement in Kashmir. However, People are more Passionate and ardent regarding ongoing escalation Between Pakistan and India. In fact, Pakistanis are more inclined towards the Freedom of Kashmiri Brothers as per their choice.

This is How Pakistani’s are Praising this Step on Twitter:



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