Prime Minister Imran Khan and Donald Trump have already tussled on Twitter. On the 22nd of July, it’ll be a real-life Face-off at Washington D.C. Although, Trump will be looking to Cash-In anything to gain assurance of Pakistan, to Help USA in Afghan Peace Talks. However, the Economy, Dispute with India and other diplomatic problems issues will be on the Card from Pakistan. PM Imran Khan is Visiting USA and People are Hoping for Improved Ties between the two Nuclear States.

The delegation will comprise of officials such as the foreign minister (Shah Mehmood Qureshi), the trade and investment adviser (Razzak Dawood), finance adviser (Hafeez Sheikh). However, the security officials including the army chief (General Qamar Bajwa), ISI chief (Faiz Hameed), and DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor.

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As per Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, “Two meetings between Prime Minister Imran Khan and President Donald Trump will be held.” First in the Oval Office whereas 2nd will take place in the Cabinet Room.

PM Imran Khan is Visiting USA and People are Hoping for Improved Ties
Prime Minister Imran Khan and Shah Mehmood Qureshi

PM Imran Khan is Visiting USA and People are Hoping for Improved Ties

It would be the first summit-level bilateral engagement between Pakistan and the United States of America. The main focus would be to bring Peace, Economic Stability and Improved Bilateral Ties between the Two Nuclear States. PM Imran Khan will also try to reset the ‘acrimonious relationship’ between Islamabad and Washington.

The Prime Minister will meet the acting Director of the International Monetary Fund at Washington. Khan will also hold meetings with President of World Bank besides interacting with the members of Pakistani Community.

As per the reports, Imran Khan will meet Mr. Akbar Alkabar, CEO of Qatar Airways, during transit to Washington.

Special Assistant to PM, Naeem-ul-Haq said, Prime Minister will fly to the USA in Qatar Airways to cut down expenses.

The preparations for the Prime Minister’s Visit to the USA have been completed. He is also scheduled to address a record-setting gathering of the Pakistani community at a stadium in the downtown of the Washington DC.

The prime minister will address the Pakistani community at Capital One Arena with a seating capacity of above 20,000 persons.
PM Imran Khan is Visiting USA and People are Hoping for Improved Ties
PM Imran Khan will address Pakistani Community in USA

People are Very Hopefull with Imran Khan’s 3-Day Visit to the USA. Its high-time to reduce instability between Pakistan and USA.

Pakistani Community in the USA is ready to witness the GREAT IMRAN KHAN.

The Most BUSIEST and IMportant Visit of any Pakistan’s Prime Minister.

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