There’s a complete Communication Blackout in Kashmir Valley for 15 Days. Occupied Forces have restricted Civilian Movements after Indian Govt. revoked article 370. So, Indian fascist Govt. is trying to convert a restive region into a fortress of Barricades and Barbed Wires. In an Important Interview on Kashmir, Imran Khan said that India under abominable leadership of Modi has lost its credibility of Spreading Peace in the Region. PM Imran Khan said Pakistan will go to any EXTENT to Support Kashmiris.

The increasing Atrocities of Modi on Kashmiris, the Silence of the United Nations (UN) and other International Community over it are urging Muslims to Unite at one Platform.

PM Imran Khan said Pakistan will go to any EXTENT to Support Kashmiris.

PM Imran Khan said Pakistan will go to any EXTENT to Support Kashmiris. Narender Modi had made a Huge Blunder

In his long Address, Prime Minister said that Kashmir Issue has entered into the decisive Point. So, Modi had made a Historic Blunder by revoking ‘Article 370’ and his arrogance has ‘Opened the Way of Freedom for Kashmir’. Imran Khan asks Media for the assistance and help in highlighting India’s false Propoganda and approach in IOK. Prime Minister affirms to stand by the People of Kashmir till India Free the Disputed Valley of its Draconian Rule.

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Similarities of Modi’s RSS and Hitler’s Nazism

The revocation of Article 370 is the Evident of Extremist Mindset of Indian Ruling Party BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party). So, Modi’s Policy is inclined towards the Ideology of RSS, and that is HINDU RAJ in the Country. Just like Hitler was acting against Anti-Jews agenda, Modi is working on Anti-Muslims agenda of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). This ideology follows Hitler. Babri Masjid and Gujrat riots are the best examples of this Hindu supremacy.

“They (RSS) believe that Hindus are supreme and others are second-class citizens. They have a fascist ideology, they have been sidelined by India’s past government as a terrorist organization. “This was the ideology that Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah saw and worked towards the creation of Pakistan. Our ideology is based on the Holy Quran and believes in the protection of minorities; RSS has the opposite mindset” Imran Khan Said.

PM Imran Khan said Pakistan will go to any EXTENT to Support Kashmiris.
Modi Taking Oath of RSS

United Nations(UN) need to take an Immediate Action

Imran Khan further added that it’s the responsibility of the UN to take immediate action against India for revoking Autonomy of Kashmir. More than 1 Billion Muslims are looking at UN to resolve this Dispute. However, Imran Khan said that he will raise the issue again in United Nations General Assembly meeting on 27 September.

So, Here’s the Full Interview of Imran Khan to the Nation!



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