PM Imran Khan’s Historic Speech About Kashmir at UNGA 2019 is Applauded Worldwide

 PM Imran Khan’s Historic Speech About Kashmir at UNGA 2019 is Applauded Worldwide

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan made a Valiant Speech in the United Nations General Assembly’s 74th session in New York. He jolted the Entire Session by his 45 minutes of Condemnation for India regarding its Unethical and Inhuman Restriction in the Region. Khan Courageously Joggled the Congregation with his Convincing Arguments and Critical Denunciation for India. PM Imran Khan’s Historic Speech About Kashmir at UNGA 2019 is Applauded Worldwide.

There’s No Doubt that People in Pakistan are Comparing this Historic Speech of Imran Khan with Late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. People are Lauding and Thanking Imran Khan for his Best Representation of Pakistan at the United Nations.

Imran Khan took the Stage like a Real HERO

It is an Actual Pluck that was always Mislaid in Pakistani Prime Minister’s Speech on the World Forum regarding KASHMIR ISSUE. Khan swayed the forum by his Extemporaneous Allegations to India. So, he Accused Unkind Global Silence on the Brutal Restrictions imposed on Kashmiris.

Since Modi is following the Ideology of RSS to clean the region from Muslims. India’s Prime Minister Modi has also served as RSS Worker and who can forget about the Gujrat Riots.

Imran Khan’s Explosive words were like Bombshells for Indian officials

Khan openly and boldly talked about the Tyranny of Kashmiris in his detailed Address. He Condemned India for its DESPORISM on poor Kashmiris who are going through with the suffering since long, HOW COULD INDIA DO THAT WITH KASMIRIS!!!! AND HOW COULD THE WORLD CAN LOCK ITS LIPS ON THIS TRAUMA.

Narrandera Modi is on Anti-Muslim Chronicle by Imposing Curfew in Kashmir

The most Peace-Wrecking strike of India was his trial against 11 United Nations Security Council resolutions. Those Resolutions say that Kashmir is a disputed territory and the people of Kashmir have the right of self-determination. Khan tried his level best to made the world realized of Indian’s desecrations, for instance, SIMLA ACCORD. Khan called Modi Hitler’s follower.

Imran khan enlightened the rotten Indian mentality of putting 90000 security forces on eight million Kashmiris, and criticize the United Nation on its hush as because Kashmiris are Muslims!!.. So, India is responsible for genocide in Kashmir, a killer a rapist. Khan reprimanded to stop the ISLAMIC TERRORISM.

Pakistan is against the War but is AWAKE

Khan vibrantly cleared the international audience that Pakistan is paying the huge price of PEACE EFFORTS since 1980 WHEN Soviets called the Freedom Fighters as Terrorists. He further accused the US of its hostile silence of India and demand of DO MORE for Pakistan ….WHY??.. the ordeal should be dismantled NOW!

Pakistan wants Table Talk but will Retaliate Vehemently

Khan explicated with historic proceedings regarding terrorist proofs from India but in return face surgical strikes. Incident of ABHI NANDAN, an Indian fighter officer and his release is an open proof for the world that Pakistan is a peace-loving country and India is a FABRICATOR. How come the utilitarian global rulers can believe in India’s complete lies of 350 terrorists it killed in Pakistan, rather that were 10 trees instead…how shameful!

Khan Pinpoint Modi for his PEACE HYPOCRISY

Khan censured Indian Prime Minister Nerrandera Modi for his unloyalty to keep peace in the REGION. Imran Khan told the global listeners that when Kashmiris blew themselves on their alleged right of freedom then the culprit is India, who has snatched their intuitive right of FREEDOM. Nonetheless, the “great country” has nothing to do something Lucrative but to blame Pakistan AS ALWAYS.

Imran Khan Rebuke the World by his Fearless Scrutiny

Imran Khan heroically put the world to think on its Racist Approach for Muslims. He further asked whether the would Jews or Christians instead stuck in a place of terror for many years then how it will be reacted globally?

However, Khan waggled the international audience of the aftermath of nuclear war. So, The same War that India is trying to impose on Pakistan by oppressing Kashmiris. If it would happen the world will be RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONSEQUENCES.

PM Imran Khan’s Historic Speech About Kashmir at UNGA 2019 is Applauded Worldwide

So, Many People took Twitter after Khan’s Speech to laud him for his Bravesome Speech at the United Nations. #ImranKhanVoiceOfKashmir is trending #1 Worldwide.

Mehwish Hayat warns the World to not Provoke the Cornered Tigers.

Former Cricket Partner Ramiz Raja Couldn’t resist to Appreciate Khan sb.

Even Indian Activists Rating the Speech Quite High.

Cynthia Thanked IK for highlighting the issue of Kashmir so Bravely.

However, Actor Faysal Qureshi termed IK as True Leader and Blessing on Pakistan.

Cricketer Shoaib Malik said that he will remember this Speech Ever.

However, Many Journalists also gave Imran Khan 10/10 Marks for his Speech.

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