PTI Government Couldn’t Convince PayPal To Come Pakistan

 PTI Government Couldn’t Convince PayPal To Come Pakistan
PayPal has declined the offer to come to Pakistan despite the vigorous efforts by PTI government. The govt. tried their best to convince the US Company to introduce its services in the country. PayPal is an online Payment System, which operates as a Payment processor for vendors, online shopping, and one-click transactions. PTI Government Couldn’t Convince PayPal To Come Pakistan because they have their own reservations in order to operate in Pakistan.

So, PTI Government failed to Convince PayPal or PayPal just Trolled Pakistan?


 Asad Umer, former Finance minister claimed to bring the online payments giant. But they’ve declined because there are no regulations to protect their interest in Pakistan.

Asad Umar
Asad Umar
According to Ministry of IT, Secretary Maroof Afzal briefing to the Senate Standing Committee on IT, “PayPal did not decline because it has issues operating in Pakistan. Their internal working is such that they are not ready to introduce services in Pakistan”.
The committee was also told that the ministry is still in touch with PayPal. So, they are looking for other alternatives. On this, Senator Rehman Malik remarked, “One case of money laundering could cause significant problems for PayPal. PayPal must have the backing of the government that it can secure the interests of the company.”
So, Basically, PTI Govt. Couldn’t Convince PayPal to launch their services in Pakistan.

However, This Guy Just Blamed Former Finance Minister for that!

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