Saba Qamar is the name of insuperable distinction of the entertainment industry of Pakistan. Her personality is a silent communicator of her inborn confidence and valor. Saba Qamar, the Nifty “Cheekh” of ARY Digital has the potential to adapt herself flawlessly in accordance with the character.
Saba Qamar in Cheekh Drama
Saba Qamar in Cheekh Drama
Whether it is the Urdu Digest, Baghi or the recent shrilling conspicuous of “Cheekh”. She is a real domineer all time. Saba Qamar is an influencing actress of the recent era. She is capable to persuade the viewers, to sustain them watching her till the last breaths of the serial.

In the ARY Digital drama Cheekh, she is performing a very striking role of her career with great vigilance and equanimity. She is silently conveying her voice to jolt down the slumbering majority that is directly or directly related to any upheaval.

The level-headedness of her acting skills and the resounding body language takes her femininity to beyond excellence. However, the same is shown in the play, that this unquestionable femininity is never liked by our mainstream society. But hats off to her character and the star of the play, Saba Qamar, who has given the awakening to the character of “Mannut”.

Saba Qamar, the Nifty “Cheekh” of ARY Digital has delivered an enthralling message to the materialistic society by her play.

However, to think about the sin, and take a stand for justice, no matter how rigid the adversaries are. And what would be your life after stepping into the unkind world of hypocrisy and prejudice?
The play is no doubt well-knitted. But her acting skills have taken the serial to the next level of thrill and fun. Saba has given us a chance to spend our leisure time in a thought-provoking manner. Her nifty appearance is macho in disguised. It is no doubt gives quality to your time, and appraise the ruling talent of the industry.

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