Speak your heart with Samina Peerzada is a celebrity show, in which the showbiz stars are given a homey environment to speak about themselves. Samina Peerzada is renowned by her pioneer acting skills and generous nature. However, The ambiance of the show is very satisfying. Celebrities do not feel any reluctance to talk about their struggle, success, susceptibilities, and insecurities. Samina Peerzada MEMES just Explodes the INTERNET again, Her style is so motherly and hysterical that the guests feel tranquil before her.


The Side-Splitting Memes on Samina Peerzada

Internet is a keen watcher; it never slept and overlook anything. Apart from the popularity of the show, there is something else which is getting more fame than the show itself. There are innumerable rib-tickling memes on the internet that became viral due to the loving and caring style of asking questions of Samina.

Have a look to the laughable memes that are fairly Relatable

INTERNET WANTS YOUR GIGGLY SCREAMS after reading these hilarious Memes.

It seems as she knows the nature of silly questions, one has in his mind in the peaceful phase of childhood.

What a hilarious job interview it would be, and her meme got viral.

This is Just Too Much Ha ha Ha..

Her Memes are Actually Bringing Childhood Memories Back

We all have tried and rejoiced this, maybe Samina Jii as well.

It is no doubt a hot favorite family show. She is capable to unleash the hidden emotional aspects of one’s life with some Motherly Stupid Questions.

Nutella and Biryani Controversy is Experienced by almost everyone. We have another one here.

It is wriggling out the laughter and difficult to hold one’s stomach on “Muft ki rootiaa”

If Silly Question has a Face.

Hania Amir Slammed Yasir Hussain for his Distasteful Comments









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