It is conclusively a news of great interest, in fact, a bang of surprise, that Sanam Jung will strike again on HUM TV. Subsequently, Sanam Jung is Returning Back to HUM TV Drama Serial “Main na Janoo” after four years.

She is resuming drama industry almost after half of the decade, and it would be irrefutably startling. As she has always proved herself a staggering actress than others.

A Flashback of Sanam Jung’s Career

She commenced her career as a VJ on Aag. Her face is so innocent and communicative that she easily gets in the world of DRAMA and DILAY MUZTIR was her debut. It was her first astounding step towards interminable triumph. On Urdu 1 she gave the big hit of MERE HUMDUM MAYRAY DOST, that was the production of Momina Duraid. Her preceding project was the morning show JAGO PAKISTAN JAGO on HUM TV.

Sanam Jung is Returning Back to HUM TV in “Main na Janoo”

The serial is still a matter of gossip and its teasers are going on the channel these days. The conundrum of the play shows her connection with two dominating stars of the industry. The one is Zahid Ahmed of ALVIDA and Affan Waheed of DO BOL. The drama will bang over the heads and will be a big sensation.
People are trying to understand the plot of the play by just peeping through the fleeting brainteasers. They are taking interest in the upcoming play due to the dominating cast that is sure to clang.
Sanam Jung is Returning Back to HUM TV Drama Serial "Main na Janoo"
Click from Sanam Jung’s Drama “Main na Janoo”

Sanam Jung’s impressive weight loss, people are appreciating her efforts

In her upcoming play ‘mai na janoo’ people have noticed her remarkable weight loss. They are comparing her to the Sila of dilay muztir. She is beholding no doubt a pretty young girl in main a janoo, and no one can even clue out that she is the mother of a toddler. The same innocence and the beauty of youth is peeking out from the role that she had portrayed in MOHABAT SUBH KA SITARA HAI. She has become the canon and thought for newbies.


Teaser Trailer for Mein Na Janoo



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