Former Indian Batsman and Reliable Cricket Pundit Sanjay Manjrekar Broke the silence on Imran-Sarfraz Comparison. He blatantly declared Sarfraz a No-Match to The Great Imran Khan. Sanjay Manjrekar: Imran Khan and Sarfraz have no Comparison! He is Damn True as he witnessed the greatness himself back in the 80s and 90s.

Sanjay Manjrekar: Imran Khan and Sarfraz have no Comparison
Winning Moments of 1992 World Cup
The lethargic and toxic body language of Sarfraz as Captain is unacceptable as Sport-Man. He should be a role model for the new entries and source of confidence. Instead, he was found YAWNING behind the stumps during the most anticipated game of the tournament.

Sarfraz Ahmad is severely reprimanded especially after the horrific defeat from India. The criticism was further ignited by the fact that Sarfraz opted to Bowl first even though PM Imran Khan advised otherwise.

Sanjay Manjrekar: Imran Khan and Sarfraz have no Comparison

However, Sanjay Manjrekar has praised the leadership of Imran Khan in an article and how he inspired his team back then.


“When we played Pak in the late 80s through the 90s they had strong leadership. The world hasn’t seen a better captain than Imran Khan. He was self-confident, he’d learned cricket the hard way. Under Imran, Pakistan had a great team culture, a winning culture”, writes India’s former middle-order batsman.

“Imran Khan inspired his team, almost brainwashed them into believing they were better than everyone. It helped that there was great, natural ability already there. All it needed was the right channeling and cricket sophistication & Imran took care of that,” he adds further.

Moreover, coming to Sarfaraz’s defense about Pakistan’s dismal defeat against arch-rivals India, Manjrekar goes on: “Sarfaraz Ahmed is no Imran Khan, he is not going to take Pakistan to the next level, and to be fair blaming him for the loss at Old Trafford is silly. India was a much stronger side and there was not much Sarfaraz could do about it.”

Sanjay Manjrekar: Imran Khan and Sarfraz have no Comparison
Skipper Imran Khan with World Cup

Even Virat Kohli is yet to reach the same level of leadership of Imran Khan.

“Virat Kohli is no Imran yet. But it’s really a mix of the Virat and MS Dhoni culture that we are currently witnessing. Under Sourav Ganguly, India became better than it was in the 90s but the process of becoming champions and winning on the big stage was started by Dhoni, and Kohli is taking the legacy forward.”

Leadership is a crucial element for maintaining the team’s status as champions. The link between a Captain, senior players, and newcomers is very important. It is just like a pipeline, through which confidence, hard-working, and psychological immunity emerges among the three linkages. 


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