School in Mardan Distributing Burqas to Female Students and Its Astonishing

 School in Mardan Distributing Burqas to Female Students and Its Astonishing

PARDA in Islam is a Symbol of Modesty and Respect, and Burqa/Chadar/Hijab is used to wear by Muslim Females all over the World. Nonetheless “Veil Card” is used to Fume Up the Religious Emotions of the People by Segregating the Society in Several Hot Arguments. The same has happened in one of the city of KPK. School in Mardan Distributing Burqas to Female Students and Its Astonishing.

The Government officials urged to Enforce Female Students to Perform PARDA in the province. However, the Impulse Decision was taken back after Communal Censure.

Distribution of “Shuttlecock Burqas” as Gifts Seem Obdurately

So, To talk about the Veil is Morally Reassuring and is not Depraved from any aspect and point of view. Though the way used by the PTI official seems Uncooperative and Conveys a Rigid Message to the World about Islam. On the contrary, Islam does not allow Rigidity.

However, the veil is not a debatable issue as it has become and actually “Crafted” by some Sick-Minded people. Essentially, Veil Mocking is the way to Demoralize Muslims by showing Islam as a conservative religion, and the reality is contradictory.

School in Mardan Distributing Burqas to Female Students and Its Astonishing

Enforcing Religious Coverings without Someone’s own Will is not Acceptable in our Country and THAT’s IT. However, the Local Head of Union Council in Mardan bought ‘Shutterlock Burqas‘ for Female Students. He didn’t even bother to take permission from the Provincial Authorities or even the School’s Principal.

It should be properly Investigated that how and why the Local Head had spent a Hundred Thousand Rupees to buy these “GIFTS”. Although, it seems Extremely Extraneous and Provocative. When the government had already Sensed Public backlash, it was obvious that such imposition would receive annoyance. However, BURQA Distribution gives the impression to bring hatred for the government. It is very strange to do all these activities without any prior insinuation from the provincial officials and even the school authorities were well-versed.

 Aired Graphics of Female Students were Bizarre and Outlandish

No mess in it posted images of those “Brown Shuttlecocks” sitting in the class Portray WHAT WE ARE NOT…WHAT ISLAM IS UNQUESTIONABLY NOT..when we Muslims feel it Inexplicable then what would be expected by the world. The Supposed Union Council official should be detained to ask his Motives for the Eccentric Action that has opened a thoughtless debate.

Zia Ullah Bangash, the Advisor to Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Education informed media

Zia Ullah Bangash informed the media Infront of Shahzed khanzada that the supposed decision regarding Veil was taken back by the government. And the burqa distribution is a personal act. He further Clarified that the KPK government has nothing to do this, as it was the Provincial Government’s “desire” that could not get a public Commendation.

People are Genuinely Questioning the Wave of Tadeeli and #NayaPakistan with such Stupid Move from Local Govt.

Getting Taliban Vibes Already?

How Gifts have Changed from Laptops to Burqas in a very Short Span of Time.

Let’s not forget the MEME PARTY.


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