Celebrities are the persuasive multitudes of any country; in fact, they are the true ambassador who is supposed to show silver-tongued behaviors. They should spread positive vibes into the world because of an influential impact on masses. Shah Rukh Khan’s “Bard of Blood” is another Surgical Striker from India on Muslims. LOL!

Bollywood Muslim stars are Probed to Pay the STARDOM by Engaging in anti-Pakistan movie. HOW DISGUSTING!

Shahrukh Khan and Emran Hashmi are the most recent modes of India’s surgical strike. Apart from showing the sensible approach to the virtual platform of Netflix. They are fuming to wane peace and harmony in the region. Pakistan and India are on the edge of nuclear war because of Indian atrocities in Kashmir. But Indian cinema is using the sanity of insane Muslim stars to spread turmoil.

Shahrukh Khan is Played by Indian Rotten Diplomacies

The famous dialogue of Shahrukh Khan “MY NAME IS KHAN AND I AM NOT A TERRORIST” is vanished in yore of his insensitive retorts on the present incensed scenario. People of Pakistan are amazed at his absurd and folly production of BARD OF BLOOD. He venomously has shown in his movie the bad side of PAKISTAN and the crystal-clear reality of filthy HINDU ZEHNIUT that is controlling his strings.


Emran Hashmi is the protagonist in the movie on some special RESCUE MISSION. Every sensible man can presume what could be and how it will work in the movie. They are openly mocking Pakistan, Islam, beard, burka. They’re also showing the world that how wicked Pakistan is by keeping them INNOCENT PEACE-LOVING NATION. Bard of blood is rumored to be spread on seven episodes and will start streaming in the last week of September.

Shah Rukh Khan’s “Bard of Blood” is another Surgical Striker from India on Muslims!

So, Here’s the Trailer of BARD OF BLOOD!

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The Sensible and Prudent Peace Lovers of the World Expect a Decent Approach to BAN THE RUBBISH!

People all over the world are bashing INDIAN IGNORANTS especially the KING KHAN on showing fire to the petrol and WORLD WILL NOT FORGIVE YOU for decaying peace.

Shah Rukh Khan Should Get Himself Consulted by the Neurologist

The producer is king khan, the leading role is doing Emran Hashmi and the shitty script of lies is written by Siddiqui. Priyanka Chopra is still facing smashing public response on her WAR MOCK. Shahrukh did not take the lesson and has produced a SERIES that can worsen PAKISTAN/INDIA circumstances.

People are Cancelling Shah Rukh Khan for Making an Anti-Muslim Movie to win Hearts of Indian Nationalists!

So, SRK is just trying to get back on the Top again!

India Needs to show the Actual Realities in the Movie now!


Likewise Mehwish Hayat’s Statement! They’re just showing the Wrong Image of Pakistan!

So, SRK is just buttering the Ruling Party in India that is BJP!



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