The Alleged ATM Robber Died in Police Custody- People are Furious at Murderers

There's no Stopping or Restrictions on Punjab Police and they can do anything During Investigation which is Not-Acceptable in Lawful State like Pakistan

The Alleged ATM Robber Died in Police Custody and People are Furious at Murderers

Punjab Police has a History of extremely Notorious Behavior with the People in their Custody. They certainly don’t understand the concept of Investigation under the Law. They’re famous in using Brute means during the investigation, eventually killing the accused persons. A Surveillance video of ATM Robber in Faisalabad went viral. In the Video, he was Breaking the ATM Machine and Stealing the Card that was Stuck inside. The Alleged ATM Robber Died in Police Custody- People are Furious at Murderers.

However, the man identified as Salahuddin Ayubi of Gujranwala’s Kamonkay district. As per the Family, he was Mentally ill. The Spokesperson of Police said he was unwell and became unconscious. So, further reports rely upon his Postmartum report.

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The Video of ATM Thief that Went Viral

A CCTV Video inside the ATM Booth went Viral on Social Media. In the Video, Salahuddin named Guy was Breaking the ATM Machines and Stealing the Stuck Card within. In The Meantime, he was Blatantly Fleering and Flouting in the Surveillance Camera.

Everybody on Social Media was enjoying the Brazen attitude of Thief until the News of him Being Caught started circulating. Here’s the Viral Video!

The Alleged ATM Robber Died in Police Custody- People are Furious at Murderers

On Friday, he once again entered an ATM booth — this time in Rahim Yar Khan. So, he was in the process of breaking the machine’s exterior when he was caught red-handed by other customers. The incident occurred on Shahi road at Habib Bank Limited.

In a Video shot by Police during Investigation, it was clearly evident that Salahuddin was Scared and asking the Man behind the Camera to not Beat him up. Then the Shocking News of his Death took the Social Media by a Storm.

People are Demanding Justice in NAYA PAKISTAN

This is the Professional Level of Punjab Police who can Catch Any Poor and Beat them to Death. But, they can’t raise hand on Elites who have been Looting us Since ages. This is the Ugly Face of Police and Naya Pakistan For You!

People are Demanding Justice for the Salahuddin. No one is Above Law, even the creators, and Imposers. Let’s put the True Culprits Behind the Bars.


There’s No Doubt about the Notorious Behaviors of Punjab Police. It is dire need to reform Institutes like Punjab Police for the Betterment of Country. Let’s not make this Guy’s death go in Vain and Start Working on Reforms.


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