It is a common habit to encounter swarms of beggars under different cloaks at different places. It happens daily whenever we commute, park or stop on a signal. They utter almost same grandiloquence sentences to everyone that cringed deep. The Beggary Cult in Lahore is becoming Extremely Annoying and the most tragic element behind is poverty and disability.

The Beggary Cult in Lahore is becoming Extremely Annoying

Beggars with Appealing Posters

It is very common to view ladies in veil holding posters in their hands, on which their pitiful needs are narrated. They usually don’t accept coins and continue knocking on the window panels until their demands are met. These ba-purda beggars hold a crying baby too that makes their condition more sympathetic. Usually, they are working for a mafia. We are not stone-hearted but these beggars are more greedy than needy. They demand money and if you offer them to work as Maasi they completely refuse by abusing and cursing.

The Beggary Cult in Lahore
The Beggary Cult in Lahore

Innocent little Children in Rags

Children of all ages are spread in throngs all over Lahore. Sometimes they are selling flowers, tiny objects like keychains, balloons and many more things. But the problem is they are always ready to accept money without selling the merchandise. They always ask money for food and medicine, but whenever you will give them food or take them to the pharmacy they run away. On each square of Lahore, a big fat mom -type women sit there for collection from these kids. The government should take notice on humanitarian grounds for these little angels.

Innocent Children-The Beggary Cult in Lahore
Innocent Children-The Beggary Cult in Lahore

Disable and cripple beggars

This class of beggars is heart-wrenching and we can not move without giving them. But with the passage of time, you will be convinced to think that why they are always there on the same spot each time. Why beggary is the only solution to make ends meet? Crippled beggars are always ready to switch from DOA to BUD DOA, that’s why people avoid making them angry.

Disable Beggers-The Beggary Cult in Lahore
Disable Beggers-The Beggary Cult in Lahore

The most modern form of beggars(SHE-MALES)

If we peep back in the years of 1995 to 2005, she-males are always at your door, when a KAKA or KAKI born, before eid for eidi or for any happy occasion like shadi. They dance and clap to rejoice the dwellers. That was a peaceful and innocent time. Now, Many fake personalities in flashy colors with painted faces are moving around the cars on signals for money. The government should design rehabilitation programs for them. The particular class should be given opportunities to get the education and acquire the skill to earn their livelihood and to be the responsible and resourceful citizen of Pakistan.

Now it is up to the government of Pakistan to control beggary that is controlled by professional hands. Their presence should be discouraged by “ NO BEGGING ALLOWED”. Offer them to work by strictly down casting them to use a shortcut of begging.

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