The Pakistani film industry was one of the crowning film industry in its 60’s and 70’s. It was the time when its pleasant-sounding melodies were adored by the neighboring countries too. MERA NAAM HAI MOHABBAT is yet alive and fresh in our memories. The industry used to be a house of best script/songwriters, technicians, producers and directors. The Revival of Pakistani Film Industry and Cinema required devotion for the awe-inspiring and stepping stones for oblivions and newbies.

The Haunting Period of the pre-revival spree of Pakistan film industry

Then slow and steadily based on multiple factors, the industry started collapsing. It seems someone has removed the scaffolding, that has made the entire structure to shatter. Unfortunately, the industry’s caretakers did not sense the awakening peculiarities. The worst period of the industry was the one when melodious songs were replaced by fields destruction “THUMKA CULTURE”. That so-called “GOLDEN CINEMA ERA” of the “GUNDAASA REIGN” was, in fact, paradoxical humor.

Cinema was occupied by an illiterate class of the country. Morals were left behind in the past and educated families warned their kids to not even dare to look at the posters. 

There was still a SPARK in the demolished heap

By the late 90’s educated and talented people who had felt the downfall so hard, started making efforts. And finally, the film industry that was in ICU and on ventilators since long started responding positively.

The Revival of Pakistani Film Industry and Cinema
Chooryan Movie- The Revival of Pakistani Film Industry and Cinema

The Revival Journey was so Cherish Till YET

Awakening is always insinuating, and the same has happened with the LOLLYWOOD, that was the paradise lost for movie freaks. The movies that became the electrifying reason for Pakistan film industry to explore and rule again.

The Revival of Pakistani Film Industry and Cinema
Ye Dil Apka Hua- Pakistani Film

Two movies that save the industry from drowning, and work like a SAVING DRUG

KHUDA KAY LYAY and BOL were the two strong scripted movies. These movies gave life in a lifeless body of Pakistan film industry.

The Revival of Pakistani Film Industry and Cinema
Khuda Kay Lye and BOL Movie


Waar was the movie in 2013 that successfully grossed 23 crores in a year. New experiments made by innovators and filmed NA MALOOM AFRAAD, it was also a revenue-generating project. In 2015 Pakistan film industry commenced its journey towards success and produced family-oriented movies. People began to visit cinemas with family and friends, and the immoral-dilemma is finally smashed.

  • Jawani phr nahi aani
  • Bin Roye
  • Wrong number
  • Jalibee
  • Mantoo
  • Moor
  • Karachi say Lahore
  • 3 bahadur, the first ever blockbuster movie for kids.

  • Punjab nahi jaongi
  • Yulghar
  • Verna
  • Jawani phr nahi ani 2
  • Load wedding
  • Pervaaz hai junoon
  • Animated movie Allah yaar Markhor
  • Donkey raja

The industry has been revived and is about to TOUCH ITS BOOM.

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