These Non-Muslims teach us the True Essence of Ramadan

 These Non-Muslims teach us the True Essence of Ramadan
So it’s Ramadan. The purest and holiest month of all. It’s the month of forgiveness. It’s the month where Muslims gather together to eat and pray. They are very much concerned about doing good deeds, especially in this month. What’s amazing is that where Muslims are doing good deeds Non-Muslims are on the same level. These Non-Muslims teach us the True Essence of Ramadan Despite being Hindu and Sikh the respect they are giving to this month should be appreciated. An action that has won so many hearts.

These Non-Muslims teach us the True Essence of Ramadan

Sikh community residing in Iraq visited with the Muslims in a refugee camp near Mosul and delivered 5 copies of the Holy Quran and prayer mats to them.

This was such a beautiful act done by a Non-Muslim. A kind act that proved that humanity is still not dead and it is not confined to religion, ethnicity or race. It doesn’t matter if you are a Muslim or Hindu or a Christian. The only thing that matters is how kind is you with everyone.
This isn’t the end. Another amazing story awaits. A Hindu Auto-Rikshaw driver “Prahalad” gives free rides to Muslims observing fast.

Delhi Auto-Rickshaw Driver Prahalad Gives Free Rides To Muslims During Fast :')β€œI just thought that it’s been quite…

Geplaatst door The Humorists op Woensdag 30 mei 2018

He said, β€œI just thought that it’s been quite hot during these days and if I could be of any help to them(Rozedars), I will also earn some blessings. This is all I can do because I earn my living by driving an Auto-Rikshaw. This is my contributions from whatever profits I earn.”
Sharjah-based Ranjith Rajari has been fasting during the holy month of Ramadan for the past nine years now. Such has been his dedication that Team Iftar – which serves over 20,000 Iftar meals in 49 locations across the UAE – has put him in charge of one of the locations
Ranjith Rajari
Ranjith Rajari
These acts are so small but have raised their respect in our hearts. These are the kind of people we need in our society, these are the mindset people should adopt. They are the true advocates of humanity. Let’s acknowledge their efforts and restore humanity again!

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