The Manchester of Pakistan, Faisalabad offers a great taste within your budget. There are numerous places to dine-in in Faisalabad. So, if you are fond of eating and want some quality food at reasonable prices. Here are the Top 5 Must-Visit Restaurants in Faisalabad For Foodies in 2019.

So, whenever you’re in Faisalabad and looking for some Good Food with Manificent Sitting then do consider the Following Restaurants.

Top 5 Must-Visit Restaurants in Faisalabad For Foodies in 2019

Dynasty Restaurant

This is one of the top restaurants of Faisalabad; anyone living in Faisalabad has been to dynasty numerous times and knows the menu by heart. Dynasty restaurant Faisalabad is located on the service road, 2-A Peoples colony, Jaranwala road, near Kohinoor chowk Faisalabad. They have everything and every type of food to offer.

Baba Tikka House

Baba Tikka House has been one of the topmost eats in Faisalabad due to its food quality and traditional desi taste. Rated 4.2 out of 5, Baba Tikka sure is The Name Of Taste. Started from a scratch, branch in D-Ground, it has now expanded to a whole new level. Baba Tikka Shop is now opened in Kohinoor and there you’d find nothing but their own authentic taste with a lot more variety than ever. It is a must-try when you’re in Faisalabad.

Top 5 Must Visit Restaurants in Faisalabad at Reasonable Prices

Hafeez Puri House

Hafeez Puri House is a breakfast restaurant deals in all varieties like halwa puri, naan chanay, nihari, maghaz, paye, lassi. Mouth’s watering, huh? Its is located in D-Ground, mid of the city. They have a decent family hall to dine-in while a group of boys might sit outside right next to that huge deep fryer listening how they slap puris. They start serving at 6 AM to 2 PM so you wouldn’t worry getting up late to grab that bite in here.

Khayyam Restaurant

Rated 4.5 out of 5, Khayyam offers from desi cuisine to Chinese, fast food and a lot more. Located at one of the top busy roads in Faisalabad, Susan Road, Iqbal Stadium. You’d get a number of deals with reasonable prices. They are gaining popularity due to great hospitality. It sure is a name of good taste and nice seating. Khayyam has expanded their name to a various number of bakeries in Faisalabad even banquet halls.

Top 5 Must Visit Restaurants in Faisalabad at Reasonable Prices

Shahryar Restaurant

Located at Jail Road, Akbarabad, Faisalabad, Shahryar offers one of the most delicious ice-creams in Punjab. It is the most famous restaurant amongst the sweet tooth people in Faislabad. Shahryar Restaurant has gathered quite a fame since 1997, maintaining their taste and expanding their business to a number of hotels as well. They offer the most unique taste in chicken pakora, even their delicious chicken karahi with ‘Khasta’ naan and other traditional recipes.

Top 5 Must Visit Restaurants in Faisalabad at Reasonable Prices

Jammin Java Cafe

Everyone is familiar with the name but when it comes to food there’s no comparison. Rated 4 out of 5, Jammin Java, Faislabad, offers the most delicious cakes, pizzas, bakery stuff with tastiest coffee and tea. Hence, outdoor and indoor is well maintained, you could enjoy your food wherever you like. It is located at Kohinoor Plaza. No doubt, it is a haven for peace and food lovers.

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