Wasim Akram Apologise to Boxer Muhammad Waseem on Awful Reception after Victorious Return


It is indeed a sad day for already Sports-Deprived Country when Top-Talents are getting Ruined in Search of Money and Recognition. Under Former Sportsman Imran Khan, if our Govt. fails to place any attention towards Sports, then I’m afraid it will never happen. Wasim Akram Apologise to Boxer Muhammad Waseem on Awful Reception after Victorious Return.

If the Olympics are a Benchmark to gauge the Position of a Country with respect to Sports, then the Situation is Extremely Bleak. Muhammad Waseem’s recent Victory over  Philippines Conrado Tanamor has already bringing Huge Istaqbal for Pakistan Globally but unfortunately, we as a nation aren’t Treating our Heroes the way Int. Community does.

Muhammad Waseem Knocked out Tanamor at Rotunda Rumble

The former World Boxing Council (WBC) silver champion Muhammad Waseem defeated the Philippines Conrado Tanamor in the first round of their fight in Dubai. Waseem managed to comprehensively knock out the Filipino athlete in the first round. The fight was a one-sided affair from the start. Waseem launched the offensive from the start and began pounding Tanamor with series of punches from the beginning.

The boxer dedicated his victory to the Kashmiris facing atrocities brutalities at the hands of the Indian occupation forces.

Wasim Akram Apologise to Boxer Muhammad Waseem on Awful Reception after Victorious Return

After remarkable Victory over Philippines Bower, Waseem returned home to a Country unaware of his Heroics. Waseem addressed the disinterest that Sports other than Cricket receives in Pakistan. A Dishearted Boxing Hero said that he was not fighting for ‘Istaqbaals’, in fact, he was fighting for Pakistan.

“I’m not fighting to get Istaqbals at the airport. I’m fighting so that Pakistan gets good Istaqbal all over the world. Every fight, every camp, every training, every tour, is another opportunity for me to show the boxing world the world-class boxing talent Pakistan has”. Waseem Tweeted on his Return.

Wasim Akram backs the Boxing Champ and said that he will Personally Welcome National Hero from the Airport Next Time.

“I apologize on behalf of Pakistan. Sometimes we as a country need to be ‘smacked in the face’ with the fist of reality to wake us up and remind us how we should be treating our heroes.” Akram tweeted.

Pakistan’s all-rounder Shoaib Malik also asked Waseem to not let this trouble him and stay focused on his goals.

“We are so proud of you, had I been in Pakistan I would have come to the airport,” Malik tweeted.

A Trend of #MuhammadWaseem began on Twitter and People started appreciating and congratulating him on remarkable Victory.

Waseem is Nicknames the Falcon. He has won nine out of his 10 pro boxing Bouts, which includes Seven Knockouts. Among other major wins, Waseem clinched a bronze medal in 2014 Incheon Asian Games. He also bagged a Silver Medal and Bronze Medal in 2014 and 2010 Commonwealth Games, respectively. So, its high time for us to Spare some time from Cricket and Politics to Appreciate our Heroes and give them Due Attention and Recognition.

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